“It always has content I care about.” Flipboard for iPad Personal Magazine

I downloaded the app but trying to add my accounts yields a “server busy” message. Must be a lot of folks trying to get set up. I’m intrigued by this though and look forward to plating with it. Can you imagine where this might lead? Not only can individuals have a social magazine constantly updating at their fingertips, but groups could someday have tailor made versions of Flipboard for their own content – think a class of students or a certain community. Then, add in channels of content supplied by libraries – local info, user-generated digital collections and news. Wow. I’ll wait a bit and keep trying.

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2 thoughts on ““It always has content I care about.” Flipboard for iPad Personal Magazine”

  1. Wow. Pretty amazing stuff. I’m looking forward to seeing if they will allow organizations (like my library) to have an account where I could create my own teen library themed magazine. Only a few of my teens have iPads…it would be great if they could access this on their phones.

  2. context is amazing. my first thought (after “hey that’s cool” and “wonder what libs can do with this”) was “well if i know i’m in a “magazine” suddenly the content i share shifts (perhaps from the less inane to the more substantial).

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