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Greenhill & Schmidt on Publishers & Content

Aaron Schmidt writes:

“Or we could save our energy and find untapped sources of content created by our local users and work together to create a single publishing platform and rights-management tool to allow easy creation and access to local content.”

That’s the excellent ending of Kathryn Greenhill’s answer to her own question:How do we force publishers to give us ebook content that includes works that our users want and that they find easy to download to their chosen device?

This is such a compelling vision of a way forward for libraries. Not only is it more attainable than forcing publishers to do anything (or even compelling them) but it would result in a much more meaningful public library.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the posts in her series!

I am also watching closely for Kathryn Greenhill to add to her series of thoughtful posts.

Her opinions also amplify and reinforce my own. I’m finishing up an article based on The Hyperlinked Library model that addresses this future. It includes this:

When asked what I see for the future of libraries – all kinds of libraries – I imagine a space where users will connect, collaborate, and CREATE.

Create: Users will find the tools they need to share their own stories with their family, friends and the world if they so choose. The best technologies and support for these endeavors will be a part of library services. Library staff will become guides and co-creators. Local content will reign as one of the most unique offerings of the library.

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