Emerging Tech & Digital Services Pathways for Study at SJSU SLIS

One cool thing I’ve worked on over break are two pathways for study for our students at SLIS:

Digital Services: http://slisweb.sjsu.edu/classes/careerpathways/digital.htm

The Hyperlinked Library & Emerging Technologies: http://slisweb.sjsu.edu/classes/careerpathways/emerging.htm

Here’s a bit of the description of the second, based on the Hyperlinked Library model and emerging technologies:

Based on models of participatory library service and supported by the writings of Buckland, Lankes et al, Weinberger and more, this pathway explores the Hyperlinked Library model and explores the impact of emerging trends and technologies on library and information services.

This career pathway concentrates on the theories and supporting techniques related to transparency, participatory service and user-centered approaches and focuses on emerging technologies related to mobile access, evolving library space both physical & virtual, user participation, and learning/new literacies. The pathway includes these thematic areas:

  • Mobile & geo-social information environments
  • Building the physical and virtual commons
  • Participatory service & user experience
  • Learning & new literacies

Students in this track will develop practical and theoretical expertise in one or more of the thematic areas as well as an understanding of the societal and cultural implications of emerging technologies.

I am excited to keep working on these pathways and assisting our students – and post masters students as well – with these tracks for learning.

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  1. This is outstanding, I’m pleased as punch to see that SLIS is going “all-in” with the Hyperlinked Library.

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