Understanding the Learner Experience

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Understanding the Learner Experience: Threshold Concepts and Curriculum Mapping, Char Booth and Brian Mathews

In order to improve library instruction, we need to develop a richer understanding of the holistic learning and teaching experience of our institutions. Threshold concepts are core ideas in a particular area or discipline that, once understood, transform perceptions of that subject. Curriculum mapping is a method of visualizing insight into the courses, requirements, and progressions a learner negotiates as they pass through a particular department or degree. When understood and applied in tandem, these strategies provide a powerful means of developing actionable insight into the learner and faculty perspective, and highlight pivotal points at which to provide library instruction, resources, and research support. This presentation will explore theoretical and applied applications of of threshold concepts and curriculum mapping, as well as feature an interactive portion devoted to collaborative mapping of threshold concepts key to teaching and learning in librarie

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  1. Very informative clip and writing on ‘Understanding The Learner’. This aspect holds good in all educational fields be they school, libraries or institutes. Knowing the learner and being able to adapt to their needs should be the core skill all educators should strive towards. Knowing their needs will help educators set up life long learning programmes that are specific to the topic, easy to understand and most importantly patience on the part of the educator will encourage the learner to pick up skills that will see him/her through life. Understanding the Learner’s Needs is all it takes!!

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