Don’t Miss: TWIL #78 with Jamie LaRue (Library Director at Douglas County Libraries)

TWIL #78: Jamie LaRue (Library Director at Douglas County Libraries) from Jaap van de Geer on Vimeo.

This week’s guest comes from the library world and takes the idea of Justo bravely to another level. Jamie LaRue, library director of Douglas County Libraries realized that not having the ownership of content or being able to put up own content was a problem and when prices of e-content rose so far that it became absolutely ridiculous he decided to built his own platform. After consulting with his clever staff he decided to invest in the Adobe Content Server as that platform is trusted by the publishers and when it was installed he was ready to roll. Jamie and his staff are clearly setting the new frontier for libraries and show us that it pays off not to sit down and complain about the deal that is laid upon us, but to be innovative and built our own models. We talk about the publishing revolution, the rapidly growing role of self publishing and the challenging role for libraries. Jamie is so confident that there is a great role to play for libraries with the right people and the right ideas that we ended the show and the day with new energy and a good feeling.