2 thoughts on “Digital Immigrants & Digital Natives – an #EDCMOOC Artefact by Andy Tattersall

  • Stefras (Shawn Urban)

    Great presentation, Andy. Thank you for posting it, Michael.

    The juxtaposition of the traditional and digital meanings of native and immigrant is insightful. I never caught that. I never understood the concepts of posthuman and transhuman; I was introduced to them in the course and they just feel contrived non-identities. Like you, I was moved more by the definitions of native and immigrant, which also seem too definite, too unyielding, too encompassing (stereotypical) to be useful for unpacking the digital revolution and the people in it. In fact, I keep comparing the digital revolution to the previous ones we humans experienced in the past and will experience in the future. The course may have presented this as an old issue, but I disagree.

    My #edcmooc artefact complements this one nicely. I hope you agree.


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