Being Yourself

Nice post by recent SLIS grad Lisa Hubbell about the interview process at the Two Librarians and a Blog blog:

The last assignment for library school is complete, and I am waiting for graduation ceremonies in a week, and a diploma in the mail in the coming months. I am applying for jobs, as I have for some time, but now paying more attention to advice about interview questions and resumes.

When I hear something two or three times in the same week, I tend to take it as a lesson. I heard one question raised by other students, both in my final class meeting and in a Career Center webinar: Should I be myself in a job interview? It’s so easy to get trapped in second-guessing what the hiring committee is looking for, trying to fit into the right mold to be the one they will want. But professor Aaron Schmidt and SJSU SLIS Career CenterLiaison Jill Klees were both very clear on this

  • Yes, be yourself.
  • You’re interviewing them too.
  • You need to find out if this is a job you can live with and even love.
  • If they can’t tell who you are, you might end up miserable in the wrong job.

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