TTW Mailbox: Emerging Technology Committee at Monroe County Library System

Patricia Uttaro, Assistant Director, System Services at the Monroe County Library System in New York, writes: I’ve been meaning to write to you for awhile to fill you in on activities in the Monroe County Library System since your visit here in 2006.  The system now has an Emerging Technology Committee that just celebrated its first anniversary. At […]

Emerging Technology Committee

Michael Casey posts at Library Crunch: As chair of my library system’s Emerging Technology committee, I made it a point to choose two IT staffers to serve on this six person committee. The charge of the committee is to examine both new technologies and technologies that may be new to the library world (though they […]

Taming Technolust: Ten Steps for Planning in a 2.0 World (Full Text)

Stephens, M. (2008). Taming technolust: Ten steps for planning in a 2.0 world. Reference and User Services Quarterly, 47, 4, 314-317. Note: This article was originally published in RUSQ and on the RUSQ Blog. Permission has been granted to share it here as well. I’ll be using it for a workshop next week at the 11th […]

Taming Technolust: Planning in a Hyperlinked World

I am particularly enjoying this slide this morning. Here are the slides as PDF from the original keynote file. Links for the presentation today: Technoplans Vs Technolust at Library Journal 2004 Taming Technolust article at RUSQ: Links: ACRL Changing Roles “Let Go of Control” Cell Phone Sign: Brian Herzog’s Signs: The Cluetrain Manifesto: Emerging Technology […]

TTW Mailbox: Tucson Pima Library 2.0

Mary Mitchell, part of the Web Team at Phoenix Public Library, writes: I want to share a link to a library that is doing cool things-and it’s not even my library. I wrote about it on my week-old blog: The Tucson Pima County Library has a wonderful link on their public website about a […]

Community Building Through Your Web Site: Library Blogs and RSS Feeds

What fun! We had a great crowd for the session being in the last slot of the conference! Links to our presentation: Our Six Things We Can Do Now: (Via the Librarian in Black) 1. Read weblogs and checkout what other libraries are doing. Keep tabs on new developments. Go to 2. Start […]