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A Conversation with John Blyberg at ALA TechSource

I’d suggest that librarians not shut themselves off to the discussions taking place. “Library 2.0″ may be a buzz word, but it’s not a weightless one. There is actual work and intelligent discussion that accompanies it. L2 is certainly not about exclusion—quite the opposite. You will do yourself and your organization a great disservice is you embed yourself in a semantic quagmire.

TTW and ALA TechSource Blog

ALA techSource Blog Screenshot of MS

I am pleased to point you all to the ALA TechSource Blog, a new venture from ALA TechSource Publishing, where I will be a contributor. I’m blown away by the folks writing for this blog and honored to be writing with them:

Jenny Levine
Tom Peters
Karen Schneider

I hope you’ll give it a look and grab the feed. No worries though: TTW is not going away. I’ll be blogging here as well. As this all plays out and we get the flow of a collaborative blogging environment, I’ll point to the ALA Blog or link from there back here.

A big shout out to Teresa Koltzenburg who put all of this together. When Jenny and I were in Providence, we went to dinner and had one of those magical times when the conversation just flows: about librarues, users, technology, the future, the oh-so-elusive big picture and what the new tools of Web 2.0 can do for libraries. Teresa gets it…big time. :-)

Welcome Message from Teresa