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Thanks Barrington Area Library!

I really enjoy participating in library staff development days. I get to visit with library staff, talk about what’s happening and coming in our world, and get a nice glimpse into how the library works on a day that everyone comes together to learn. Today at Barrington Area Library was no exception – thanks to all who made the morning so much fun!

The slides are here:

Thanks Gates Foundation Global Libraries Technology Work Group!

While in California for California Library Association and our SJSU SLIS faculty retreat, I was invited to present via teleconference for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Libraries Technology Work Group. The meeting was in Seattle and try as we might, zipping up and back from San Jose wan’t in the travel cards. Via teleconference, however, I was able to present “Tomorrow’s Libraries: Technologies & trends shaping libraries” for the group. The slides are here:

Special thanks to Darrin Hoerner and Chris Jowaisas at gates and the good folks on the SJSU campus for making everything go so smoothly!

Thanks Internet Librarian International!

ILI Crowd by mstephens7
ILI Crowd, a photo by mstephens7 on Flickr.

I am behind in a few posts, but I wanted to make sure I gave a big shout out to the delegates, organizers and advisory board of this year’s Internet Librarian International conference. I was honored to be a conference co-chair this year.

It was a wonderful two days in London, filled with intriguing discussions and ideas from around the globe. This conference always energizes me because of the perspectives our delegates bring. I especially enjoyed participating in the closing plenary with conference co-chair Donna Saxby.

Check out the roster of presentations here:

Thanks Vancouver Public Library

A big shout out to the incredible staff of VPL for the great visit I had yesterday. I was invited by library administration to do a public library futures presentation for staff. There are some very exciting things happening at this library and I learned a lot from everyone I talked to. I repeated the talk in the afternoon for more staff and folks from nearby libraries. Thanks to all for such a warm welcome to Canada.

The slides are here:

The Future of Libraries in a Digital Culture by Patricia Martin via Huffington Post

Super cool article by Patricia Martin at Huffingtom Post. So glad to meet here at #rsq12

Until recently, public libraries had little reason to innovate. Then Google arrived. More disruptive technologies followed, causing an identity crisis for librarians. Now the profession is re-thinking its purpose — a quest that lured a gathering of 350 eager librarians to Telluride, Colorado recently for the R-Squared (Risk and Reward) Conference.

2012-10-07-Tabletalksmall.jpgAs I circulated, knots of librarians huddled to share ideas and solutions. If there was a common thread it was the need to understand the increasingly complex lives of customers. Pre-Internet, a library could be object oriented — all about books. But the confluence of digitization and a prolonged recession has triggered an evolution that puts a focus on people, not things. Doing so has a ripple effect that invigorates a community. The idea has been backed up by Forrester Research, who asserted that meeting customer needs across a life cycle, through online and off-line touchpoints, is essential to community-based innovation.