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Tame the North


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They suprised me with SHIRTS! We’ll be giving away shirts and copies of OCLC’s Perceptions report at all 5 stops!!

Mary Beth made the shirt design and it rocks! I nearly fell off my chair! On the back, like a concert shirt, it lists the dates and cities of the “tour!”

Thanks Minnesota librarians!

Greetings from Minnesota!

Tonight I had dinner with some librarians (and their spouses) from SELCO. Barbara, the Multytype Librarian, Mary Beth, the Newlyminted Librarian, Aurora, SuperTurbo, Ann, who blogs at the SELCO blog, and I had a great conversation.

Barbara even asked what the tag was going to be for the week of presentations. We agreed it would be TTWMN!

Tomorrow, I present, and then Mary Beth & I take off for our next stop. More tomorrow!