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In Praise of Grade Inflation

Joshua Kim writes:

But many of our classes are moving towards an active learning approach where students are required to create something new. A better understanding of how we learn, catalyzed by technologies that bring multimedia authoring and sharing to a range of technical skill levels, have combined to transition our students from knowledge consumers to knowledge creators. This transition is occurring earlier than in the past, where previous cohorts needed to wait until graduate school to become part of the scholarly conversation. Today, with blogs, wikis, rapid authoring, Slideshare, and YouTube – all of our students (even in large classes) can learn the material by teaching.

I’ve observed this as well. By allowing my LIS students the chance to examine a topic, think about it and create a representation of that thinking via their choice of multiple channels, I believe they are getting much more value and opportunity for learning than listening to me lecture for three hours. The videos created for the Context Book Assignment in LIS768 this past semester are evidence of this.

Check out the whole post for more on student creativity and mention of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, by Daniel H. Pink. I’ve used A Whole New Mind in LIS701 for some time now and I’m interested to read this new one.

LIS768 Group Projects Day 2

The New Digital Divide

This group explored the New Digital Divide.

LIS768 Group Projects Day 1

It’s that time again! The semester in LIS768 always ends with group projects. The students self-select their topics and groups and design a presentation or prototype.

Exploring Second Life

Two students who had never visited Second Life explored and created a presentation on their findings.


Privacy and the Internet

This group presented an overview of privacy issues and social networking.

First, an Animoto on privacy:

Library & Business 2.0

This group examined ways that business are using 2.0 tools and thinking and applied them to libraries.


Group blog is here:

Media and Information Literacy/Education

Created as a presentation for school librarians, this presentation explores the importance of media literacy:

Quoted by this group: “The illiterate of the future are not those who can’t read or write but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and re-learn.” – Alvin Toffler

They made this Animoto for the Caudill Nominees

LIS768 Context Book Report Videos

This semester I added the option for my students in LIS768 to make a video or other media presentation instead of writing a blog post for the context book assignment. A few folks tried it out. Here are the results:

Setting the Table: Danny Meyer

Born Digital: John Palfrey & Urs Gasser

Blink: Malcolm Gladwell

A Whole New Mind: Daniel Pink

Piloting BuddyPress as a LMS

Beginning this Fall semester, Michael Stephens and myself (Kyle Jones) began piloting an open source learning management system (LMS) built on WordPress Multi User (WPMU) and BuddyPress.  This post explains our history with WPMU, the move to BuddyPress, and some of Michael’s initial thoughts on the pilot.

By TTW Contributor Kyle Jones

Continue reading Piloting BuddyPress as a LMS

Dominican Students/Grads Contribute ALA Coverage to LJ

I’m happy to share that I put LJ in touch with some of our recent grads/current students to cover programs at ALA. Katharine Johnson, Carrie Straka and Bill Goodwyn all contributed short articles for online coverage.

Take a look:




Australian Learning 2.0 Surveys Launched


Below is the text of our survey invitation for CAVAL. I wanted to share it here as well. If you are in Australia and would like to take the survey, please see this URL:

I’m excited to see the project moving along. I also can’t believe how soon we’ll be leaving for five weeks Down Under – just three short months. I’m also excited that we’ve already gotten confirmation that we’ll be presenting preliminary results at the 2010 Public Library Association meeting in Portland!

Dear Australian library colleagues,

You may have seen the announcement earlier this year where I was appointed as the 2009 CAVAL Visiting Scholar. My research, “Measuring the Value and Effect of Learning 2.0 Programs in Libraries” will evaluate the impact of Learning 2.0 programs in Australia and the perceived levels of openness, transparency and trust by staff in organizations that have completed the course.

Now it’s time for me to ask for your help!

If you have completed a 23 Things / Learning 2.0 program, I’d like to invite you to participate in an online survey.

If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please contact me (email is on front of survey).

If have been the person responsible for developing and/or implementing a 23 Things / Learning 2.0 program for your library (single library service or a consortia program), please email your contact details to Warren Cheetham at CityLibraries Townsville ([email protected]). I have a special survey which Warren will send to you, just for people who have lead a learning 2.0 program.

Thank you for your participation in my research. I am looking forward to my trip to Australia in October!

Best wishes,

Michael Stephens ~

Assistant Professor, Dominican University GSLIS
Tame the Web: Libraries & Technology:

LIS768 Group Projects: Day Two


Teen Tribe Blog:

This group, inspired by Born Digital and Tribes, created a teen review blog.  They highlight various ways to involve teens and encourage them. Ideas: display teen reviews in physical space to generate interest, market via social tools and usual channels, and use FREE tools!

More than Books:

This group created a community for midwest librarians with Ning. They used the Ning Network help pages and community pointers to build the site. They also outlined what worked, what didn’t and what they learned. They want to encourage use of the Ning beyond class and will continue to work on it. 


This group presented a history of citizen journalism and offered a prototype for creating a clearinghouse of CJ via a library. The group covered the history of CJ, hyper-local reporting, and encouraging participation.

LIS768 Group Projects: Day One

litakeoutLibrary Takeout

This group explored ways to take the library out of the building via outreach to teens. The About section of the blog links to the slides which take viewers through a sample presentation for teens about a local library’s outreach.

Digital Native Ning

This group created a Ning for high school students and teachers. They explored the use of blogs, forums, caht and apps within Ning.