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Merlin Mann on Loopt

I’ll give you a minute for that to sink in, because if you’re a connected person, you may want to ponder the consequences of unintentionally sending creepy bullshit to colleagues and business contacts who are too busy to care what you’re “geo-tagging” at a given time. I know, because I’m one of them. Hi.

I am still playing with Loopt but this post is food for thought. My updates (I’m at the corner of…. or I’m in Spider Lake…) go to trusted friends on Loopt but also to Facebook and Twitter. Hmmm…


The Connected University (Library)

 ACU Connected

Mobile technology is shaping the way we live, work and learn. Since education can now take place in the classroom or virtually anywhere, ACU is committed to exploring mobile learning technology that makes sense for our students and their future.

ACU leaders have given top priority to researching and developing a “connected” 21st century campus, integrating technology into course curriculum and campus life. Several pilot applications have already been developed for Fall 2008.

There’s a video as well:

A fictional day-in-the-life account highlights some of the potential benefits in a higher education setting when every student, faculty, and staff member is “connected.” The applications portrayed in the film are purely speculative; however they’re based on needs and ideas uncovered by our research – and we’ve already been making strides to transform this vision of mobile learning (mLearning) into reality.

Creating connections via a converged device in a university setting is huge. I applaud the forward thinking and sense of innovation that went into the charge of “researching and developing a “connected” 21st century campus.” The focus on students — they use technology in every aspect of their lives — does my heart good. Can you see your campus connected – students, staff, faculty — and using technology like this to learn and engage? What role might the library play?

This is a model to watch and ponder not only for universities but for university libraries. Again, take a look at the video before you decide to keep the ban on cell phone use at your library.

Oh! And what happens though. when IT hates the iPhone?

TTW on iPhone/PDA with Plugin

TTW on iPhone with Plug-in

My Web friend from France Laurent shared this plugin with me for WordPress:

WordPress PDA plugin enables the wordpress blog viewable for PDA and iPhone browsers. It is really simple plugin which detects the browser agent and loads a simple theme on fly. The plugin comes with a theme folder which acts like normal theme with all the functionality of wordpress theme.

The image above illustrates how TTW looks on my phone. I don’t know how I feel about it – it loads quickly, but one of the best things about Safari on iPhone is how it displays the Web. I’ll leave the plugin turned on for awhile. Let me know what you think.

T-Mobile Users to iPhone

Yup, that was me:

Not surprisingly, iPhone early adopters were “ten times more likely than other new phone buyers to have previously owned a Treo and three times more likely to have owned a T-Mobile branded phone, such as the popular Sidekick model.” When it came to carriers, Alltel and T-Mobile were said to have lost the most customers to AT&T, as consumers who “switched carriers to buy an iPhone were three times more likely to switch from Alltel or T-Mobile than from other carriers.”

On a plane two weeks ago, the entire exit row crowd had iPhones. The new icebreaker question: “Did you buy before or after the $200 price drop?”

iPhone at the Library

Library in Your Pocket

I’ve been watching for the first reports of iPhones accessing library Web resources. This just in from Papercuts at Topeka Shawnee:

The iPhone came out yesterday and we’re so excited that we decided to test the accessibility of the library’s website from the iPhone’s web browser. Using his new iPhone, Daniel was able to browse the library’s webpage, view the .pdf of the library’s magazine connectnow, search the library’s catalog and request items, request items for purchase, and search the magazine and journal databases. He can use Google Maps to get directions to the library’s building at 10th and Washburn in Topeka, or e-mail a reference question to the librarians from his phone

I know many other smartphones can do the same thing…but it’s nice to see the phone of the moment put through its paces to see how library resources load and display.