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More iPod & DRM (via Michael Casey)

Michael Casey, who has the coolest programs at his library for young people, comments here at TTW:

This quote is from the Accessibility Trial of the Downloadable Digital Audio Book Service from netLibrary and Recorded Books. (I tried to enter a link but it was refused when I tried posting)

“The fact that netLibrary’s digital audio books are in the protected WMA file format, coupled with the fact that Apple iPods and most accessible devices (for example, the Book Port and the Book Courier) will not play the WMA file format, is unfortunate. One can only hope that soon both Apple and the manufacturers of accessible playback devices realize that supporting the playback of WMA content is in everyone’s best interest.”

Here’s the link:

Attention: Audio Book Download Companies (Updated)

Forbes reports: “Due its strong product portfolio, market-share leadership, and the stickiness of iTunes, we believe Apple will continue to dominate this product category,” the bank said, forecasting 31 million iPod units in calendar 2005 and 43 million units in calendar 2006, notes the report. “The firm also believes Apple will continue to drive share gains in the PC market due to the combination of a renewed enthusiasm for Apple’s brand, cutting-edge computer designs, and the superior user experience of Apple’s OS.”

I’m all about Apple and the folks who are selling content to libraries getting together to make this work! Why oh why can I not get content to my iPod from my home library?

Chad writes most eloquently about DRM & Firefly.

Hogwarts, Harry, iPods and DRM


So Harry Potter is available exclusively at iTunes. That means you need an iPod to play the files! What a DRM mess we live in…

Anyway, to try to put a spin on this, one cool thing a library could do Is buy a Harry Potter iPod or 2 and circulate them with all the books loaded! Just like the shuffles circulating at South Huntington PL, this might make some Potter fans very happy: access to a Hogwarts engraved iPod and hours of magical audio!

Abram on iPod

I am thoroughly enjoying Stephen Abram’s blog. Don’t miss it.

Today, he posts about iPods in Libraries.

How powerful can digital tools such as an iPod be? The Duke University report has some cool answers…

Stephen writes: But what I enjoyed was seeing the uses by music students to play recordings over and over to learn; to record their own work; and to share music in context of discussion. I liked the stories about language students repeating lectures to get all the nuances of the language, to get pronunciations right and to study. There are many stories like this about the power of these MP3 players in an academic context. There are even quite a few library uses! It’s a fairly concise report and worth the read.