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This is from the proposal. It frames what we’ll be investigating: “I believe that this has been one of the most transformational and viral activities to happen globally to libraries in decades.”   Stephen Abram., Stephen’s Lighthouse, February 5, 2008 The genesis of Learning 2.0 began with an article by library […]

Measuring the Value and Effect of Learning 2.0 Programs in ...

4 I am eager to get my hands on a copy of Brian’s new book. I think it may be a perfect fit for use in LIS768. I was glad to see his reflective post about the process: (emphasis mine) I am very grateful that ALA didn’t pressure me to […]

Marketing Today’s Academic Library by Brian Mathews

Kay wrote a paper for LIS768 on the Cluetrain ten years later. She graciously allowed me to post an edit here. Thanks Kay! Michael Today’s economic situation would seemingly make libraries indispensible.  Yet with budget cuts, many libraries are threatened with cut backs and closings.  The natural reaction, based on […]

The Cluetrain is leaving the station – who’s on board? ...

I had breakfast with Meg Canada last weekend, while finishing my teaching duties in St. Paul. She shared with me a post she wrote at her blog called “How Librarians can be the Ultimate Community Managers.” Meg writes: What is a Community Manager? My friend, Connie Bensen introduced me to the concept […]

Librarians are the Ultimate Community Managers

I am particularly enjoying this slide this morning. 🙂 Here are the slides as PDF from the original keynote file. Links for the presentation today: Technoplans Vs Technolust at Library Journal 2004 Taming Technolust article at RUSQ: Links: ACRL Changing Roles “Let Go of Control” Cell Phone Sign: Brian Herzog’s […]

Taming Technolust: Planning in a Hyperlinked World

I am the guest columnist for RUSQ’s Accidental Technologist this summer. The very cool thing is the full text of the piece is up and online at the RUSQ blog. Please take a look and let me know what you think. I wrote this last January while the snow and […]

Taming Technolust: Ten Steps for Planning in a 2.0 World

Brian Mathews writes: Yes, it is CeLIBration time again. Our annual welcome event for freshmen the Saturday before the Fall semester starts. Past CeLIBrations I have to be honest– I wasn’t really feeling it this year. Don’t get be wrong, we’ve had some great events over the years, but with the […]

CeLIBration Time Again at Georgia Tech