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Branded, ‘Casted and Wiki’ed: Some Good News from Here and There

Lots of interesting Web 2.0 bits in my aggregator this morning, as I prepare to sign on the dotted line for a condominium in Oak Park, Illinois! (I may faint when I sign…)


Greg Schwartz reports on a library branded podcatcher! This is important on many levels: the library sees the need to use a Web 2.0 tool but also gets the importance of branding the service. Go Lansing PL! I think Illinois Libraries ROCK!

Have you branded your L2/Web 2.0 services for your library? Is the wiki/blog/IM presence linked to the linbrary and its online look and feel? (And don’t forget to brand your places and spaces as well!)

Rachel Gordon reports that the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri-Columbia is producing webcasts! (I originally wrote podcasts! — see Greg Schwartz comment! oops!)This is huge and other LIS schools may want to ewatch this project closely. Again, many levels of importance: the LIS school that podcasts/webcasts will certainly be preparing students for jobs like this and it certainly is a great promotion tool for lecture series, notable news and more as well as a recruitment tool!

In a similar example, Emily from my LIS753 reports on the GSLIS Wiki run by library students at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign!


Hathaway, also in my LIS753 at Dominican, reports on wikis and the use of a wiki for a librarian/patron created short story at Coralville Public Library.

“If I ran a Library” : Don Yarman on Librarian 2.0

Nice post from Don Yarman who works in Ohio:

Especially this bit about iTunes:

If I ran a library, I would be looking to see what I could do with this. Not just following the Shifted Librarian’s suggestion to buy some iPod shuffles to circulate. How about a public iTunes download station? Let library users set up their ‘pods on the station and download a title or two to their own devices? The library could even rip their own CD’s to the public iTunes station. Look, you know that iPod owners check out the CD’s and rip them to their devices; why don’t we just save them the trouble? This isn’t total anarchy — we’re librarians: we’ll find some way to impose rules.