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Statewide Access to Databases

I got to thinking today as I go through my piles of mail about all the renewals for products I handle…which made me think how cool it is that Indiana has INSPIRE — the statewide intiative through the state library to give all citizens access to databases. I know Michigan does it as well… Tell me this then folks that read my blog… does every state have such a cool thing? What’s its address?

Email me! mstephens7(at)!

Off to ALA!!!

Have I mentioned I’m off to ALA on Thursday? Probably not with all the school stuff starting.

I’m going down for a few meetings, exhibits and to see some library folk. I am also going to visit Disney and Universal!

I was disappointed in the lack of tech stuff at PLA, so we will see how this plays out. I chose a Hilton property that has FREE wireless throughout the building!

I am travelling with my dear friend Keith, who was my roomate through 2 years of undergrad days in Bloomington “back in the day.” We always seem to have a blast no matter where we go.

Shoot me an IM or message if you are going to be there!