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Is your library emotionally healthy?

Read this excellent article…and look deep within yourself and your library’s culture…

This isn’t really a tech article but many of the points could be applied to how your library handles technology — or doesn’t handle it!

Excerpt: These are some great questions to ask in an interview:

Describe the morale in the library.? How does the staff socialize together?

What are some of the frustrations of the professional and paraprofessional staff? ?????

How is information communicated in the library?

How are executive decisions made and communicated?

How do departments communicate in the library?? Are there mechanisms set up for communication across divisions and departments?

Online Social Networks

Aaron and I will also be participating in the Online Social Networks Conference — discussing blogs in libraries. Note that Howard Rheingold will be there. I’ve been reading his book on virtual communities for my big UNT class this semester!

From the site:

SN2004 will be a summit meeting where you will have a chance to hear from and interact with many of the pioneers in the field of online social networks as well as some of the current trendsetters now exploring the latest technologies and applications.

In 2001, the first Online Social Networks conference explored the emerging field of online social networks. Since then, there has been an explosion into the mainstream of online social networks. OSN2004 will explore three main areas:
Organizational OSNs
Personal OSNs
and Political OSNs.

Join Howard Rheingold, Lisa Kimball, Joi Ito, and a host of online social network experts to:

Exchange ideas with experienced pioneers and leading thinkers in OSN development
Gain insights in making better use of social capital, successful collaboration online, and efficient creation and management of knowledge capital
See where social software stands today and where it’s going in the future
Make contact with leading solution providers