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Getting Started with Blogs

Mary Jo, one of the members of our PhD cohort, asked me for some LIS news sites and blogs that she might look at to get started as an offshoot of my presentation in class this weekend. What I thought I would do is post it here…because it might be helpful to other folks as well.

First up: don’t miss LISNews as the perfect starter news clearinghouse.

Then, take a look at: (This one is rocking my world right now…)

There’s an LIS blog for every interest!

These, from my link list, are faves:

Library Blogs
Karen Schneider’s Free Range Librarian
The Creative Librarian
Daniel Bazac’s Blog
Days and Nights of the Lipstick Librarian
The Librarian in Black
Library Stuff Blog
Open Stacks
The Shifted Librarian
Walking Paper

Take a look! Dive in!

Is your library emotionally healthy?

Read this excellent article…and look deep within yourself and your library’s culture…

This isn’t really a tech article but many of the points could be applied to how your library handles technology — or doesn’t handle it!

Excerpt: These are some great questions to ask in an interview:

Describe the morale in the library.? How does the staff socialize together?

What are some of the frustrations of the professional and paraprofessional staff? ?????

How is information communicated in the library?

How are executive decisions made and communicated?

How do departments communicate in the library?? Are there mechanisms set up for communication across divisions and departments?