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Intriguing article in the Indy Star: The IMCCPL is changing as the new Main Library is renovated. Changes include more best sellers, more libraries open on Sundays (and the elimination of overtime pay for Sundays) and changes to the way the librarians do their jobs: Librarians themselves will morph: […]

Indianpolis/Marion Co. PL & Dr. Callison’s Thoughts


This is an important one…one to ponder… But it’s not just about giving people what they want. Leadership is about creating a vision that you can share with the board, with elected officials and business people, with the library’s clients, and most of all, with the library staff. (One […]

Library Directors and Change (It’s All Good)

TTWNostalgic Lippincott notes: Libraries could use part of their home page to highcell phones, send simple text-message queries to library catalogs or databases, or check library hours via text messaging. Such services might be particularly valuable for students who live off campus. How will we conceive and design these new […]

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