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QR Code on Car

8.31.2010 [15], originally uploaded by Cara Jo Miller.

Cara Jo Miller writes:

QR code on the back of my car that links to a page on my site that tells you the random fact of the day. It also captures all the information about your phone’s screen size, browser type and OS so that I can use it for building better mobile sites.

A stream of digital consciousness

My research co-investigator Warren Cheetham shares a link to this photo by Paul Hagon and writes:

“Another photo (also by Paul Hagon) from that same conference presentation by Mal, has a line that I try to always keep in mind when planning and thinking about digital library services – “Don’t try to replicate analogue processes””

What our users think of our library!

What our users think of our library!

We asked our users to list 5 words describing how they feel about the library. This is the resulting Wordle.

International Librarianship

Michael & Warren, originally uploaded by mstephens7.

My co-investigator fro the CAVAL Visiting Scholar Project, Warren Cheetham, shared this quote with me. It resonates with me as I reflect on working with librarians around the world.

“If you get engaged in international library work, your personal life will be transformed every time you encounter and embrace a foreign culture; your personal boundaries will be expanded. International collaboration is needed if we want to make this world a more livable place.”

Jesus Lau, President, Mexican Library Association

We just submitted a draft of an article based on the academic library data from our surveys and focus groups last year. I look forward to more contributions as we move forward.

Brian and Michael

Brian and Michael, originally uploaded by pelicanwind.

I was in Texas last Thursday and Friday. One highlight was driving up to Denton to meet up with my PhD advisor, mentor and friend Dr. Brian O’Connor. We had a nice chat about teaching, LIS education and technology while enjoying a stroll around Denton’s courthouse. It was 8 billion degrees though! :-)