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Chatting with ACPL

ACPL Video

In December, when I presented at the Allen County Public Library, the good folks there asked me to sit down with their video cameras and answer some questions about reading, books, my early library use and where we might be going. The conversation just went up at YouTube. I am honored to be a part of their ongoing “Conversations” series that also includes Stephen Abram and ACPL Director Jeff Krull. Thanks ACPL!



John Berry on the Future

Excelent piece from John Berry at LJ. He mentions that he teaches at Dominican (!) and sums up very well what I’ve also observed in library school and in our realm here: 

Like those who came before them, the current cadre of librarians bring new tools for the job ahead, technologies that make access to information much easier but just as corruptible. They bring that vitality and spirit that, in themselves, are enough to force change and even shape its outcome. At first, those in power will hang on, as they did decades ago. Ultimately, if we remember the future we so enthusiastically envisioned, we’ll make sure the next generation are enlisted, well received, and take what little power there is to share in our chronically impoverished but permanently crusading profession.

We’ve begun to make it easier for change to come and for them to have a stronger voice in our march to freedom of information and enlightenment for all. We’d like to pick and choose among these new librarians, through our programs for “emerging” leaders and other institutionalized indoctrination. But they have already begun to organize themselves, singling out their own leaders and demanding of us only that same access to the profession that enabled us to make some of our future dreams into today’s realities.

I’ve been waiting for this…. Blogging Directors

Salt Lake

Helene Blowers blogs that the Salt Lake City Public Library is looking for a director, including:

…application instructions for the newly reopened Salt Lake City Public Library’s director search — Your application “package should include a paper resume and directions to your digital presence, blog, or social networking Web site” — you can definitely see a shift is occurring.

In my presentations for the last year or so I’ve been talking about the shift in LIS jobs and urging folks to get ready for the time when director or administrative duties will including use of social tools. That time is here! Thanks Helene.

In 2018 Libraries Will Be….


Make your own here:

Sean Robinson at the cutting-edge Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana, inspired by the incredible folks in New Zealand, has created a card creation system for sharing your thoughts on what libraries will be like in ten years. Scoot on over and give it a go. Then checkout the responses here:

DOK Delft offers iPod Touch

DOK Delft offers iPod Touch

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I don’t think Babelfish got this translation right:

Now get acquainted with newest technology! Always and everywhere listen to music and very sharply films examine, but you can with these IPod also Hertzian at. You serve him by moving your fingers concerning the baffle. For only one euro per day you obtain the neusje of the salmon in house for a first familiarisation. Course at music & film department and question to the leenvoorwaarden.

Okay Indiana Libraries – GO FOR IT!

LibLime, the Athens, OH-based vendor offering open-source ILS solutions, recently signed large contracts with the Indiana Cooperative Library Services Authority (INCOLSA) and the Central Kansas Library System. INCOLSA will be using LibLime’s services for the Indiana Shared Library Catalog (ISLC), a multitype resource sharing network composed of 30 member libraries including an art museum, the Indiana Supreme Court Library, and public and school libraries throughout the state. LibLime said its Koha ZOOM solution will provide ISLC members with “a shared integrated library automation system, including a web-based union catalog and integrated circulation, acquisitions, and serials control modules.” The ISLC migration is the first step in a partnership between INCOLSA and the vendor to offer affordable open-source automation solutions to the cooperative’s members.

I would especially like to see my former employer the St. Joseph County Public Library in South Bend be a leader in this area as the library has been in so many other technology area through the years. Just sayin’.