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TTW Unplugged


Good Morning! For almost 2 weeks I have been busy- in DC for CIL 2005, downstate for Indiana Library Federation, teaching at IUSB and doing some online collaboration. Today, however, I’m hitting the road for Traverse City to see how things are going Up North. See you in a couple of days!

TTW Unplugged? Almost!

I feel validated today:

I am finishing a huge project for school this week and next. It’s independent study with Dr. Maurice Wheeler at UNT. I’m designing a class for doc students examining how technology has impacted Public libraries. One of the themes is the “unintended consequences” of technology.

I am hurtling toward unplugging through Christmas though. The idea of a break from the keyboard is attractive right now…

Do not fret – I will be back…we have so much cool stuff to look at and talk about here at TTW as libraries continue to meet technologies in new and interesting ways.

I also need to write a bit about my amazing weekend in Denton for class!

Workshops presented By Michael Stephens


The Reference Interview in the 21st Century – INCOLSA Workshops around Indiana Spring & Summer 2003

Make Learning Stick Preconference Workshop, Internet Librarian, Monterey, CA, November 2003

Make Learning Stick Pre-conference Workshop, with D. Scott Brandt, Computers
in Libraries, Washington DC, March 2004

SLS Tech Summit : Staff and User Technology Training with Robert Lewandowski, Wedenesday May 19, 2004

Make Learning Stick Pre-conference Workshop, with D. Scott Brandt, Internet Librarian, Monterey, CA, November 2004

Technology Planning: Avoiding Technolust & Technobust with Aaron Schmidt, Computers in Libraries, Washington DC, March 2005

Toolbox of Training Techniques with D. Scott Brandt, Computers in Libraries, Washington DC, March 2005

Public Presentations by Michael Stephens

Public Presentations:

Mishawaka Public Library 1998-1999

Northeast Indiana Libraries Training Sessions Summer 1998

Michiana Tax Accountants December 1998

Michiana Consultants Group 1998

Investigating INSPIRE Northeast Indiana Libraries November 1999

Michiana Tax Accountants December 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003

Nappanee Public Library – HTML Classes, Digital Cameras, Auctions

Bremen Public Library Technology Classes

Plymouth Public Library Technology Classes

Poem on Your Blog Day

Ok icontemplate, I’m in. A bit of verse that Stevie eventually turned into a song about the AIDS crisis:

And walking through the room together
In suspended animation
No one saw us go – No one said goodbye
And from my heart I leave behind
Great expectations
And that you find the answers to your questions
And that life will once more be a celebration
And that you will be touched by an angel

Stevie Nicks