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A Long Overdue Note of Thanks

Thank You

A post that is long overdue. I want to extend public thanks to Jennifer Graham and Scott Smith for the invaluable assistance they provided me as I finished my dissertation. In a way, it’s also an acknowledgement of how powerful these informal blogging connections can be. In the space of a few months Jennifer and I both suffered losses. I could hardly breathe some days as the summer slipped away. Requests for formatting and clarification came from the University Reader at UNT when I least expected it. Jennifer and Scott were there for me — to assist and offer support that was much needed. I thank them for the help. I could not have finished without them.

This speaks to me as well about how we can help each other – how we can and should get along. It doesn’t have to be as a result of loss — remember you can reach out and share anytime. These tools — just tools — enable connections that I am still trying to understand. Is it ephemeral? Is it strong?

It’s also a reminder to reach out not only across the blogosphere but across the hall to that department that you’ve been feuding with. An offer of support, an offer to help, an attitude of “share the work” seems to me to go a lot farther than a locked door or sign on that same door that reads “Is Your Visit Business Related”?

So, thanks to Jennifer and Scott. Be well.


Short Bio

Michael Stephens, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Dominican University in Illinois. He spent over fifteen years working in public libraries while developing a passion for technology. His publications include The Library Internet Trainer’s Toolkit, two ALA Library Technology Reports on Web 2.0, a monthly column with Michael Casey in Library Journal, and a host of articles. Michael also maintains the popular blog Tame the Web. He received an IMLS doctoral fellowship at the University of North Texas, was named a Library Journal “Mover and Shaker,” and recently joined the Dominican faculty. Michael speaks nationally and internationally on libraries, technology, and innovation. He recently completed a speaking tour of Australia, presenting seven talks in five cities.

Medium Bio

Michael Stephens, Ph.D., is currently Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois.

After receiving an MLIS from Indiana University, he spent over fifteen years working in public libraries, where he developed a passion for the practical application of technology.

He published The Library Internet Trainer’s Toolkit in 2001, and two years later, he launched his popular weblog, Tame the Web. Since then, Michael’s writing has appeared in Public Libraries, Library Journal, Computers in Libraries, and a host of other publications.

In 2004, Michael was awarded an IMLS doctoral fellowship at University of North Texas, where he conducted research on social software and blogging. Named a “Mover and Shaker” by Library Journal in 2005, Michael joined Dominican’s faculty in 2006 and completed his Ph.D. in 2007. Recently, he has produced two ALA Library Technology Reports on Web 2.0.

Michael has spoken to audiences in over 25 states and in three countries. When not traveling or teaching, he resides in Mishawaka, Indiana, and enjoys escaping to Traverse City, Michigan.

5 Blogs Outside Libraryland

Love it! And thanks to Nicole for tagging me. Allow me to add 5 blogs I read beyond the Biblioblogosphere, skipping over trashy celebrity gossip blogs I just might glance at..on occassion…sometimes…

The Copy Blogger: Insights, tips and “how to’s” for making your blog a standout. Great stuff for librarians writing blog posts for their libraries to consider.

The Church of the Customer Blog: Customer evangelists. Companies on the Cluetrain. This blog is fascinating. It was here I found out about the Kohl’s kerfuffle that I use in tech trend talks. A useful blog that can get readers thinking about how we meet our “customers.”

Weblogg-ed: Will Richardson writes about the use and impact of the Read/Write Web in the classroom. His themes and thinking always inspire me to look at libraries differently.

43 Folders: From personal productivity guru Merlin Mann is this life hacks and tips blog that just recently added a video blogging component.

Logic + Emotion: David Armano blogs about the” intersection of Marketing, Brand Engagement + Experience Design—where passive consumers become active participants.”


Podcasts I enjoy include Grammar Girl (I suggest GG to my students all the time), Mr. Manners and Money Girl, all available at I also look forward to MacBreak Weekly.