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  I wrote about working on re-evaluating our core classes at “Office Hours” last month. Robert Boyd, one of our faculty, continues the discussion at our CIRI Blog: I am also using some new-found time between semesters to read and reflect on two noted thinkers/practitioners, one old and one […]


Office Hours Extra: A Reimagined Core by SJSU SLIS’s Robert Boyd

My new column is up at LJ: User studies—research concerning patterns of information use in our everyday lives, in times of crisis, and as members of certain populations (students, the aging, etc.)—define the first part of this core. Appreciating the diversity of cultures in relation to library service should […]

Office Hours: The Evolving LIS Core

TTWNostalgic My new column is up online at LJ for this month – I wanted double word count so we went with the virtual for this one. The column is all about my experiences at R-Squared: Over two days we explored creativity and curiosity, heard from keynoters such as Josh […]

J. Levine and M. Stephens @ R2-2012

Office Hours: Did You Miss the R-Squared Conference? It Was a Barn Burner

My new column is up: Scanning the recent news articles about the LFL movement reveals something else, too. More often than not, those interviewed acknowledge the sense of community and collegiality that grow up around the little libraries. From a Los Angeles Times piece on a local LFL: “It has turned […]

Office Hours: Little Free Libraries

My new column is available at LJ’s site: “Get a blog, launch texting, create a Facebook page” has been the rallying cry—from me, too—for some time, but the reasons for doing these things should be clear. They’re an extension of what we have always done, the foundational purpose of […]

Office Hours: Our Common Purpose 1

My new “Office Hours” column is up at Library Journal online: The trend, “Education paradigms are shifting to include online learning, hybrid learning, and collaborative models,” also describes the move from place-based learning and information access. These ideas for change are synthesized in what Henry Jenkins calls “connected learning.” […]

Office Hours: Learning Everywhere