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Embrace Your Tribe – A Discussion & Interview with Seth Godin

Note from Michael: This article & interview was originally published last year in Digitale Biblioteek. Seth Godin has been writing and speaking about marketing, the new landscape of the Web paired with emerging social media and the increasing power of consumer “word of mouth.” His books include The Big Red […]

On Kindness, Libraries & the Big Picture – A TTW Guest Post by Kate Sheehan 10

Corporations have The No A**hole Rule, but the motivation and measurement in a for-profit is always the bottom line. The a**hole in the office makes a lot of money, but holds everyone else back with toxic behavior. Fire him, and everyone else steps up their game and increases earnings. Profit […]



Hyperlinked Libraries, Org Charts & the Human Voice: Ten Years of the Cluetrain Manifesto 2

50. Today, the org chart is hyperlinked, not hierarchical. Respect for hands-on knowledge wins over respect for abstract authority. Today, bloggers from all over the world are responding to the 95 points of the Cluetrain Manifesto, which is ten years old: “Cluetrainplus10 is a project to celebrate the 10 year […]

An Answer. Converged Devices, Barcodes & the Future 6

  On Friday, I asked a question: Made with I wanted to see what type of response I might get putting it into the form above. Three events in three weeks lead to this post. This kind of synchronicity always makes my trendspotting radar go off. First, I met […]



How to Drive Traffic to Your Website 2

Don’t miss this article from Sarah Houghton-Jan and Aaron Schmidt: While there are many quick, one-time things you can do to make your content findable, we’ll address those later. First, we have to make sure that there’s a reason to promote your library and its website. If you’re not […]

Thanks for the Feedback!

Frank Haulgren commented here and I just had to make it a post: Western Washington Univ.s “14 Days To Have Your Say” project was directly inspired by the Starbuck’s campaign.  I had read a newspaper article (quaint, no?) about this project one day while having lunch and immediately thought to […]



Cell Phone Lounge 2

Leigh Anne Vrabel discusses articles on urban nomadism at Library Alchemy: And comes to an interesting conclusion: Cell phone lounge. This lounge accomplishes two things: Acknowledges that cell phones have permeated the culture and meets patron expectations for new nomadic spaces. Gives the library more control over how those […]

Do You Trust your Staff? – A TTW Guest Post from Darien Library’s Alan Gray 5

Maybe most libraries think about it differently, but Darien Library is sending more staff members to Los Angeles for BookExpo America, the majority of whom will be Circulation staff, two of them part-time, than to any other conference this year. It’s a major commitment on our part, but for nearly […]

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Customer Service as Community

Great post at “The M Word:”  Andy Sernovitz on Damn! I Wish I’d Thought of That! posted a neat list of ideas he compiled from the panel “Customer service as community, community as customer service” at the Customer Service is the New Marketing Conference. Sounds like it was an […]