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A Big Mess at Kohl’s (or Corporations, Customers and the Cluetrain)

This fascinates me. The Church of the Customer blog points out “The Not So Secret Shopper” who visited a Kohl’s Department store and found a mess. Cameraphone in hand, he documented the condition of the retail establisjment and blogged about it. The folks at Church of the Customer state: […]

What a Year! 2006 in Posts, Presentations, Permutations, and … PARTICIPATION! (Updated)

A lot of folks have been looking back at 2006. I realized today what a year it’s been: more library and librarian blogs, RSS gains even more ground, Wikis rule the school (and ALA), IM is embedded directly in pages where our users may find themselves, YouTube offers a way […]


The Faces of ALA Council

The Faces of ALA Council Originally uploaded by mstephens7. See Jessamyn’s post: This is exactly what ALA needs. I have to admit I had never seen the faces of some of these folks whose names I do recognize. Thanks ALA… please keep going! I want more! More faces, more […]


Why Don’t CEOs (Library Directors?) Blog…

Director, are you Blogging?? Via the Church of the Customer Blog: If CEOs blogged, they would save considerable time on hundreds of weekly emails that ask roughly the same types of questions. That’s part of Debbie Weil’s thesis in The Corporate Blogging Book. “Why not do it more efficiently?” she […]

ILS Vendors – Are You Reading Blogs?

Paul Miller posts about innovation, Abram and the Cluetrain: I trust that our fellow vendors must (by now!) just about be sufficiently Participation Age-aware to read at least one of Panlibus or Stephen’s Lighthouse. Here’s hoping, for the sake of their customers, that they find Patty’s post via one […]


Attention Innovative: Get a Clue(train)!

I’ve been telling the librarians I’ve been speaking with to read the Cluetrain Manifesto and apply it to library services. Networked conversations are changing business, and I honestly believe, changing libraries. Look at the incredible discussion, conversation and kerfuffle around the ALA L2 course! Into my aggregator comes Casey Bisson’s […]



“We’ll have Second Lunch”

Check out Steve Lawson’s “A biblioblogger visits the local branch library” My favorite bit? BRANCH LIBRARIAN: We do have some online innovations here. We allow patrons to pay fines online via PayPal. BIBLIOBLOGGER: You still have fines? I’m sorry, my friend, but the Cluetrain is about to pull into […]