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Experiences in Second Life: What if everything behind you was forgotten?

Check out this post about an exhibit in Second Life from The Alzheimer Society of Ontario, in partnership with the Second Life Library 2.0:

Some of the most powerfully delivered experiences in Second Life are delivered simply. Although the brand builds of recent months are impressive, very few communicate.

The temptation is to overwhelm our senses with the surroundings, demanding our pre-frontal lobes create the “being there” experience. Because we can do anything here, the temptation is to do it. Second Life presents opportunities to experience an issue – not just a space.

Our brains are wired for simulation – that is what our pre-frontal lobes are for. Virtual social worlds like Second Life lend to captivating the brain completely and engaging the emotions through that “being there” reaction.

I am fascinated to see more simulation, experience and engagement in Second Life. Next spring, Follet Chair Ed Valauskas is teaching a seminar on “Virtual Worlds” that will include SL. I’m eager to see how library schools can embrace SL for library education.

On Presenting in Second Life

Via The Church of the Customer Blog comes a link to an essay by Jeff Barr about presenting in Second Life:

We might also use it as a guide for getting comfortable in SL as more librarians come into the environment:

Spend time in world
Attend some events
Master the basics
Dress the part

(This include some useful links, including a links to SL Clothing sites. I think my black shirt, jeans and flip flops are getting tired.)

Dominican Faculty attend Gathering in Second Life for Cybrary

The mayor of Cybrary City, Paul Miller of Talis, will officially welcome Cybrary City residents and other interested librarians on Wed, December 6 at 2:30 pm sl time, 4:30 central, and 5:30 Eastern to welcome everyone. The welcome will be held on the plaza in front of the new conference center. Second Life Blog

Opening Cybrary City Event

A few of the Dominican faculty gathered and we projected my Mac running SL up on the screen in a library training room yesterday for this event. Afterward, we toured some areas of the island and SL in general. My avatar got stuck in a sitting position so I think he (I) made sort of a spectacle at the gathering!

Dominican folks were greeted!
We told everyone we were viewing from Dominican University!

Jill takes TV Crew to SL

Jill Hurst-Wahl writes about a recent visit by a TV news crew asking her to talk about Second Life:

Below is a link to the news story online as well as the video. It ran in the second spot on the 11 p.m. news, because it was evidently a slow news night. Good for me though.

The reporter was interested in SL because she had heard a bit about it and then had explored, and just thought it would be a good story. She and I spent nearly an hour together talking and going through SL, so there is lots that didn’t make it on the air. (And that gives me an opportunity to suggest at least one follow-up story.) What was amazing was that the crew was interested in what SL is, and even the meteorologist came up to me afterwards and wanted to know what we were talking about.

At the Talis Cybrary w/TalisPaul

I visited the new Talis Cybrary in Second Life this evening and chatted with Paul Miller’s avatar about SL, libraries, and our beautiful view.

Please read his post about the Talis/SLL2.0 initiative here:

I can’t emphasize this point enough, and have said similar in recent presentations: Come on in and take a look around, whether with the intention of in-world service delivery, to better understand the possibilities raised by the next generation of environments that will undoubtedly follow Second Life, or just to join me sitting on the roof of the office tower, dangling our legs over the side and watching the world go by.

Exploring Second Life

We visited Info Island in class today

This weekend in my LIS753 class we were able to visit second Life and the Second Life Information Island/Library 2.0. I logged in and walked around while the class watched on the big screen. We encountered some folks in a training session, a couple of librarians and visitors to the island. It was fascinating. The discussion that followed was lively. I hope to do more with SL in future classes. Understanding the virtual experiences that some folks are seeking out and the worlds they are building are important parts of the information landscape.

Here’s an article as well via Dr. Kate Marek at Dominican: