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You Tube & the Ubiquitous Librarian

More innovations from the Ubiquitous Librarian:

On the benefits of using You Tube’s channels:

I wanted to experiment with creating a video community, rather than just a listing of tutorials on the library web site. From observation, students don’t use or know how to navigate the library site, so why bury video clips on there?

Social Networking: Five Sites You Need to Know

Fred Stutzman, Phd student at UNC Chapel Hill, posts on social sites, including this bit of wisdom:

Social networking for the sake of social networking just doesn’t cut it. Put simply, we want more from SNS-enabled sites than association. If we’re going to invest our time into a SNS site, make it worth our while. Make it a game, make it entertaining, make it useful – but don’t expect us to come if you think its enough to browse our friends profiles.

I like Facebook etc BUT I am enamored of Flickr and LastFM. These sites let me do stuff, meet people, and more… I love that fact that I can guage just how much Fleetwood Mac I listen to or what photos people really like!

The Digital Nation

David Warlick posts:

MySpace now has 72 million users. That is larger than the populations of 213 countries. Perhaps we could deal with the social online networks thing if we thought of it for what it is — MyNation. This is their digital nation. They are citizens, and they’ve never been taught digital civics.
(see the post for notes)

Might librarians also be thinking about teaching digital civics? I think so!

Libraryman Defines MySpace

Libraryman ponders how we might define MySpace to folks that aren’t that versed in social software. Take a look:

…Many libraries have recently began creating MySpace accounts as well, in order to show their (often times) younger users that they are a readily available resource to them not just as a physical institution, but as an engaged member of their “electronic community”. These outreach efforts have generally been very successful and well received. As people seek more and more information via electronic means, it important for us to consider how best to meet our users in an effective manner. While creating an institutional account may not be something every library will decide to do, researching MySpace is well advised across the industry.

Well done Libraryman!

David King on MySpace Ads and some Questions for Planning

David writes:

Am I saying that free things like MySpace, Flickr, Blogs, Wikis, etc are bad? No way! But I am saying that these new services need to fit into your library’s plan… don’t just set one up to “see what happens” or “just for kicks.” Think through a few things first:

What does your library plan to offer using this new service?
What are the library’s goals for establishing this new service?
Can the advertising be minimized by paying a fee or by choosing certain categories?
Does the service meet the library’s strategic goals?
Who’s going to maintain this new service?
And most important: if it’s successful – what’s next?

What a perfect list for planning forays into social software!