Categories The Hyperlinked Library This comes via David Armano’s Twitter feed. I will be seeing him speak at this year’s IDEA Conference – I can’t wait. The Kicker Studio piece is good food for thought: Although Kicker does some of the activities that in a lot of circles would be called “User Experience” […]


Designing Experiences or Resources? This is GOLD if you are pondering self check, etc: (emphasis mine) Make it all or nothing. When we made the strategic decision to move to customer self check we removed the option for customers to have staff assist them in checking out materials. We made the decision to replace […]


Keys to a Successful Self Check-Out Project

Links & Citations: Links & Citations from the presentation CC Flickr Images used in the presentation Slide Downloads: The Hyperlinked Library (120MB Master PDF May 5, 2008) The Hyperlinked Library (Australian Version) (Special Thanks to Kathryn Greenhill for her help) The Hyperlinked Library (Trustee Version) Warren Newport PL Staff Day: WNPL 2.0

The Hyperlinked Library Updated


A question came up at the end of my presentation at Batavia Public Library about using new technology and attracting customers to join libraries in that interactive experience. Denise Raleigh from Gail Borden Public Library just happened to be in the audience and she helped answer the question. It was […]

StoryTubes & Creating Energy 1


I think honoring the creativity and critical thinking of my colleagues and peers is very important. That’s one of the reasons I licensed The Hyperlinked Library completely under CC – I went out of my way to include every URL I could find and use only Flickr shots of my […]


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