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Thanks Cliff!

I think honoring the creativity and critical thinking of my colleagues and peers is very important. That’s one of the reasons I licensed The Hyperlinked Library completely under CC – I went out of my way to include every URL I could find and use only Flickr shots of my own or those noted as CC. I wanted to recognize all the folks that have inspired me as well as pass the work forward.

 I was tickled to see this actually happen when Cindi trainor acknowledged the use of bits of THL in her own work. :-)

So when i saw Cliff’s hotter-than-hot Facebook talk, I wanted to include that line I blogged about, and asked him if it was cool. He agreed! So thanks Mr. Landis. And thanks to all who’ve added little bits and pieces to the Hyperlinked Library…

NCSU Learning Commons

NCSU Learning Commons Originally uploaded by mstephens7

There’s just so much good here! Take a look at North Carolina State’s Learning Commons Web presence:

  • Live computer availability
  • Web cam of “The Brickyard”
  • Flickr photos
  • “We want your Ideas” for eboards
  • Commenting form
  • Borrow laptops, cameras, iPods, GPS units, etc

I’m incorporating this and the Loyola Information Commons into my new talks. 

Article: Web 2.0, Library 2.0, and the Hyperlinked Library

Electronic Journal Forum : Web 2.0, Library 2.0, and the Hyperlinked Library

Michael Stephens, Contributor and Maria Collins, Column Editor
Stephens is Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Dominican University, River Forest, IL 60305, USA
Collins is Assistant Head of Acquisitions, North Carolina State University Libraries, Raleigh NC 27695, USA

Available online 26 October 2007.


Discussions surrounding the concepts of Web 2.0/Library 2.0 are increasing among the library community. This column outlines key principles behind Web 2.0 and provides a brief explanation of social tools, such as blogs, RSS feeds, podcasting, and wikis. The author also provides specific uses and applications of these tools within the library environment to illustrate the Library 2.0 concept. An open framework for library communication or hyperlinked library can result if Library 2.0 philosophies are fully utilized.

Flickr Images in “The Hyperlinked Library 2008”

I wanted to give as much credit as possible to the incredible folks who share their photos on Flickr and offer use vi the Creative Commons. All of these images are used in the new version of The Hyperlinked Library.


The Library of the Past:

Web 2.0 Logos:

The Hive:

Continuous Computing:

2.0 Memes:

Seamless not Silos:

Borders Concept Store:

Red Box:

Seamless Services:–stromberg–/785719227/

Books is the Library Brand:

Electronic Reference Resources:

Social Libraries:




The Evolving Web:

Revised Edition:



Round for Collaboration:

Transparent Reference Desk:

Transparent Reference Desk:

Learning 2.0 Team at EKU in Richmond:

Ask Here:

Reference Tablet:

99 Ways to Tell A Story:

Signage in Libraries – “Let Go of Control”

Out of Order:

Absolutely No Cell Phones:

Library Director says “No Cell Phones:”

Teens, if you need help…:


NO PSPs: (and after)


Display Books:

Evolving Signage:

Courtesy Please:

Please Disturb:

Gamers Welcome:

Removed Signs:

The Hyperlinked Library

Networked Conversations:



Human Contact:

The Organizational Chart:

Technology is only a tool:


The Library is Flat

The Library is Flat:

The Library is Transparent

The Library is Transparent:

Human conversations:


The Library tells Stories:

The Library tells Stories:

Stories at Salt Lake PL:


Gail Borden Library Storypalooza:

Rock the Shelves:

Vary Your Route:



The Library is Participatory:


User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content:

Georgia Tech:
Georgia tech:


The Library is User-driven:


The Library Uses trends as Opportunities:

The Catalog:


The Library has Presence:

Topeka Catalog Meebo Box:

Presence in the Virtual World:

Presence in the Real World:

The Library Makes Connections

Connections are Everything:

The Library Makes Connections:

The Library Makes Connections:

Learning, Play & Innovation

The Sandbox:

Techie Toy Box:


Reserved for Director YOU:

The Library Plays:

The Library Innovates:

The Library Dreams:

Audio Visual department:

The Heart

The Library:

The Library encourages the Heart:



The Library engages me:

The Library satisfies curiosity:

Links in “The Hyperlinked Library 2008”

Citations & Links Noted in the Hyperlinked Library Presentations


Singapore Flickr:

Singapore Flickr 2:

These Things are Opportunities:

Google’s Share:

Laying the Foundation

“Social Machines” – Continuous Computing:

What is Web 2.0?:


2.0 Memes:’

Library 2.0:

OCLC Perceptions:

OCLC Sharing:

Pew report on Wikipedia:

Starbucks memo leaked:

Evolve, Let Go of Control, Be Visible:

PageFlakes: Dublin:

Mud Flap Girl:


Laptop Librarians:

LOC at Flickr:

Ask for What You Want:

ACU Connected Campus:

Borders Concept Store:

Go Digital:

The Library Evolves

Uncommon Commons:

Tapping into a Human Conversation

The Cluetrain Manifesto:

Chapter 5, The Hyperlinked Organization by David Weinberger:

The Hyperlinked Organization – Radical Transparency, Crummy Meetings & Micromanagement:

Lock the Library:


The Library is Transparent:

Make the Library Flat: Alan Gray at TTW on Trust & Front Line Staff

Going to the Field:

Darien Front Desk Blog:

The Technology Storm:


AADL Web Site:

Waltham Public Library Book Club:

Waterloo Public Library Book Club:

Case Western Reserve KSL Reference Blog:

Kansas State Librarian:

Lamson Library at Plymouth State University:

Chief’s Blog:

Australian Library Blogs:

A Road Map to Transparency:

The Naked CEO:

Roselle PL Ning:

Blog Policies:

Retail Blogs:

My Starbucks Idea:

14 Days to Have Your Say:

The Library Tells Stories

Rock the Shelves:

National Library of Australia:


Columbus Teens:

The Library is Participatory

Jenkins – Participatory Culture (PDF)


Anne’s Bookspace:

Ohio University Podcasts:

Western Springs History:

Picture Australia:

Read Write Collaboration Generation:

NCSU Study Rooms:

Michigan Tags:

The Library is User-Driven

WOW! Christchurch Library from iblee:

The User is Not Broken:

Five Phrases I Never Want to Hear Again

Finding Time in Penn State Libraries:

Oprah on YouTube:

OK Go:

SJCPL’s “Ray of Light:”

Pew: Teen Creators & Content:

Family Portrait Day:

Photo releases? :

The Library Harnesses User-Generated Content


The Library Uses Trends as Opportunities

Trend Map:

McMaster Jobs:

McMaster GIS Librarian;

Kathryn’s New Job:

Nicole’s New Job:

SJSU Dean for Digital Futures:

Shifting Signs:


Emerging Technologies:

Employees Have No idea:


The Library has Presence

Buckland on Technology:

Gwinnett County PL Flickr Profile:

Embedding a Librarian in Your Web Site at TTW

Topeka Shawnee PL Catalog: (Original post by David Lee King)


Book Vending Machine:


Texting in Scriblio:

Scriblio Texts in the library:

Book Cart: /

Librarian Trading Cards:

The Library Makes Connections

Connections are Everything:

The Library Engages


The Library Inspires

Buildings should Inspire:,,2274826,00.html

The Library Learns, Plays & Innovates (Dreams!)

Jenkins: Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture

NYTimes on Play

Hey Jude:



Top 100 Lamest Excuses:

Baker’s Dozen:

DOK Delft Innovation:

DOK Cell Phone Message:

DOK 2:

No Rules:



The Library Encourages the Heart

Bring your Heart with you…:

Libraries and the Heart:

Chicago Public Library as Place:

The face of the library:

The Social Catalog

Oakville PL OPAC:

Jenny Levine on Oakville:

The Library Engages Me:

Micro Interactions and Direct Engagement:

WNDU Twitters Trial:

The Library Uses the Best Tools

Powerhouse Museum:


Radical Trust:

Podcast Policies:

Culture of Perfect:

Culture of perfect:

Using Evidence with Web 2.0 (Cotter, et al) Web 2.0 Beyond the Hype, Australia

Libraries Using Evidence: