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Lee LeBlanc on the future of federated search

Congrats to TTW Contributing writer Lee LeBlanc for his essay on the future of federated search. He is second runner up in the federated search blog’s writing contest. “The aim of the contest was to predict the future of federated search.”

Read his entire essay here.

The 2030’s versions of the iPhone and G1 project into space. Using a helioiPhone, the user enters the visual search world. Using light and air, users walk into their search worlds to see and haptically interact with the results. No longer will you be confined to a keyboard and screen. While the search may start in a simple box, virtually projected worlds from handheld devices are entered to explore the results. We walk about these “search terrascapes” our search agents created for us. When they bring the results back, much like Marco Polo from distant lands, they present us with our results. The network, the tools, and the user work together exploring deeper into the areas of search. Doing so helps a researcher find what may contain the ideas of future research. Virtual worlds are created to store and easily share from anywhere. All of these searches populate a virtual information universe.