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Traverse Area Library Debuts WiFi Guide for Area

TADL Free Wifi Guide

Traverse Area District Library is my library away from home! Jeff, in IT there, IMs on occasion to let me know what’s happening. This just debuted! What a great service provided by the library that reaches out into the community using some pretty nice techie tools.Not only are library hotspots listed, but other free ones as well.

I asked Jeff what their goals were. He said:

“We had a few goals in mind:
1. provide our patrons with an accurate list of free hotspots in the area
2. gain additional real-world experience with (buzzword alert) AJAX, XML, XSLT, the Google Maps API, etc.
3. provide reasonable fallback mechanisms for browsers that do not support all of the aforementioned technologies…the site works very well in latest MSIE, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, and Safari, while still providing useful information to users using Konqueror, Lynx, Netscape Navigator 4.8, etc.”

Check this page out! Is this another way the library could provide a community service?

WiFi Spots in South Bend/Mishawaka Indiana area

All St. Joseph County Public Library Locations
Panera Bread -North Main Street, Mishawaka (FREE)
Borders, 4230 Grape Road Mishawaka, IN 46545 (T-Mobile account required)
Holiday Inn Express, 6701 North Main Street, Mishawaka (FREE)
Burger King, Downtown South Bend at Main and LaSalle (FREE)
Carlton Lodge, 420 West Univesity Drive, Mishawaka (FREE)
South Bend Marriott, 123 N. St. Joseph St, South Bend (STSN)

Wireless Access in Traverse City Michigan
Wireless Access Directory

WiFi Police State

Ugh… I’m speechless… This summer, I spent a few minuted parked outside of a place in TC that had wifi vbecause I desperately had to check UNT class stuff. I might have been accosted as well if a TC police officer had found me there…

And this:

What the heck? I hope this makes the big news media… it highlights something we need to think about in this world of access and laptops everywhere…


South Bend Tribune covers Local WiFi

On Saturday, we had a FRONT PAGE article on WiFi!

Link good for only seven days or by paying!

Offering ‘Wi-Fi’
Wireless Internet can be accessed for free at local libraries and businesses

Tribune Staff Writer

ON SCREEN: Stephen Taig, of Elkhart, works on his laptop computer last week at Panera Bread in Mishawaka. The restaurant offers free high-speed wireless Internet access to customers and loans out wireless cards.

SOUTH BEND — Free high-speed wireless Internet access is spreading among area public libraries and businesses.

Known as Wi-Fi — short for Wireless Fidelity — it provides computer users a convenient, fast Internet connection.

Anyone with a wireless-equipped laptop computer or a personal desk assistant (such as a Palm Pilot) can now access the wireless Internet for free at any St. Joseph County Public Library location.

Some county library sites have offered wireless service for several years, but the bring-your-own-computer service debuted this month at the library in downtown South Bend and all eight branches.

“It’s here, it’s free and you don’t have to sign up to use it,” said Bob Lewandowski, a county library technology trainer.

(Well done Bob!)