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SJCPL Offers WiFi at all locations

I am proud to say that during my leave, the good IT folks at my library finished making the whole library system wifi compatible!

Read about it here:

This morning, I’m IMing with SJCPL staffer Sean who said this week on his floor — the magazine/fiction area –he saw a Powerbook user, a windows PC person doing homework AND a Palm user checking movie descriptions to find soimething in our AV department.

Welcome one and all to the Wireless World!

“Would You Like Wireless with That?”

CJ at technobiblio, who consistently hits on stuff that gets me thinking and saying a “Wow” internally, has this fabulous post about ALA and wireless.

He writes: My dream – this “check-box” exists at the registration desk this year – Conference staff person: “Here is your scarlet letter (I mean canvas bag) with lots of junk that you will just throw away – and would you like wireless access while at the conference for only $25?”

Me: (all googly-eyed and blinded by the clouds parting and the angels singing): “Why, yes, I think I would.”

Conference staff person: “Okay, please pay over there – where you can also purchase a wireless card if you do not have one and receive directions and assistance from a techno librarian buddy to get everything working.”

Uh yeah! I want to be a “techno librarian buddy!” What’s up withthis lack of connectivity and savvy at some of these big conferences? Time is not stopping for us folks. I want to be blogging from the third row of any darn meeting room I find myself in at any conference I might attend this year.

PLA really made me low at the lack of tech-savvy ANYTHING! Wireless was few and far between, costly and in weird places – McDonald’s and their weird pricing structure comes to mind.

I wrote this there and I still believe it should be!

I’ll be at ALA — with my laptop. I’ll be blogging a bit (and also having a ton-o-fun!) Our hotel has FREE wireless!! They want to attrract guests and furnish a service many travellers are expecting… Hmmm…

Kansas City is Rockin My World

I’m finishing up the first draft of my “technolust” article today. IMing with Jenny and reading over my notes, I’ve decided Kansas City is, in the words of Beck, “where it’s at.”

David King, cool IT/Web guy there just sent me this page for the KC initiative to get 100 wifi hotspots in KC, including some parks:”That’s right – KC (the city) is providing free wireless access, through this company – I think the goal is to have 100 hotspots in KC. They have about 87 now (some free, some not, I think). The cool thing is that some KC parks are now wired.”

Cities, towns, burgs and villages – Please take note!

(Thanks David!)