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Scholarly Vs. Popular Journals at YouTube

Rachel writes:

Eli Moody, the brains behind the academic library cartoon strip Search & Research ( did a cool video on Scholarly vs. Popular Journals here at Vanderbilt University ( I think it’s wonderful that someone so talented can find new and creative ways to reach out to the users.

Oh yeah!

Academic Librarians: Have Laptop will Travel

“We are trying to save everybody a whole lot of time.”

Via David Rothman:

Watch the video there for a look at academic librarians getting out from behind the reference desk and go where the students are.

Interesting outreach program by the Macon State College Library sends librarians with laptops to the cafeteria/student life center at lunchtime to answer reference questions or help students find information they need for their coursework.

I like this idea a lot and agree with David’s question? Why only 90 minutes a week?

Pass It On

Nancy Dowd, from the New Jersey State Library, responds to the astounding news of the Illinois bill to ban on social networking sites in libraries:

Sounds like the right time for your readers to join our experimental marketing campaign! The goal is to make a “library video” not only the most viewed, but to break the record for the most comments ever posted to one video on YouTube. Talk about the value of social networking! The idea is to have people post their three reasons and then pass the word to five friends. Of course what makes it even better is that it will be a library video that breaks the record! It’s starting here at the NJ State Library but we hope it will go around the world! Hope you post and pass the word!

Thanks, Nancy

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