Tue - February 10, 2004


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Sun - February 8, 2004




To Googleblatt..

Cool word...just picked up on it this weekend after the hullabaloo with Google and that fractal site. Via this cool blog...

Apparently, it's when a Google links to you in a such a way that you get VOLUMES of hits you didn't anticipate.

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Sun - October 19, 2003

Googlism (Thanks Moby)

I was reading Moby's online journal and I happened upon a post about Googlism. The site says that "Googlism has been developed by a talented team of web developers. Googlism.com is in no way affiliated, sponsored or in any way the property of or responsibility of Google.com. However, we do use Google.com for creating our exciting and funny results."

Of course, like Moby, I put in my name. Here's what I got:

Googlism for: michael stephens

michael stephens is a partner with spark capital
michael stephens is chairman of the korea/new zealand business council
michael stephens is the networked resources training specialist at a public library
michael stephens is donating a hind quarter of beef
michael stephens is making his metroplex debut at onstage as stage manager for my three angels
michael stephens is the pen name of rex wood
michael stephens is a partner in the cpa and consulting firm of clifton gunderson llp
michael stephens is lucky to have had a coach with big time playing experience that has been through the pac 10
michael stephens is starting a stevie nicks mailing list
michael stephens is head of networked resources development & training at the st
michael stephens is networked resources trainer at the st
michael stephens is a principal with reliability management group
michael stephens is a junior at bowling green state university in ohio
michael stephens is looking forward to the day when he can watch the movie he wants on demand
michael stephens is the editor of the avalon poetry ezine website and lives in cincinatti
michael stephens is an editor and columnist at popmatters
michael stephens is in charge of the internet training and development for the st
michael stephens is the new chair of the law enforcement committee of the pinellas county traffic safety team
michael stephens is the president and he readily donated 50 cut pieces
michael stephens is presently living in sydney with his family
michael stephens is working with tradenz and film new zealand to attract asian filmmakers here for both film postproduction and joint ventures
michael stephens is the manager of 25 page 4
michael stephens is the general
michael stephens is a trainer and co

Can you tell which are about me? ;-)

Is this useful? Maybe... it does illustrate how Google's datatbase can be mined for interesting bits of content... More sites, and books like GoogleHacks , will bring this trend forward....

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Sun - September 7, 2003

WEBRARIAN: Cool Words Tech (and otherwise) for your Training Sessions

There's a lot more to talk about when teaching the Internet/Web these days. I have found inspiration at WordSpy. I read about Flash Mobs in the TC paper and then Dale at SJCPL sent me this article. It got me to thinking about incorporating many of the tech words there into part of a class.

Take a look at these:

Slash Dot Effect

What about the "Flash Mob?" I think it counts because the mobs are arranged by e-mail, etc...

This one is great: meatloaf ! How many of us get meatloaf and don't know how to ask the person to stop sending it?

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Fri - August 1, 2003


I LOVE this!


MacMerc writes:

Moblogging is short for "mobile blogging" which, in tern, is short for "mobile web logging" It is a activity practiced by a growning number of people who form a community of web sites that document the events and experiences of the various lives through the use of digital cameras both standalone and those that come with some of the latest mobile phones. Mobloggers take these snapshots and post them on their web sites. They often offer insites into the meaning the particular image has for them and invite you, the visitor to leave a comment of your own.

I want one! :-)

Google "moblog" and see what you get.....

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Wed - June 4, 2003

Wireless in New Hampshire & a New Term

"War Driving"

From the WIRED RSS feed....


"War Driving" is driving around looking for signal..... Check out the link to the definition of "war driving."


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