Might as well JUMP (or Floppies are SO 5 minutes ago)

Last night, two of the L401 students appeared brandishing their new USB Storage devices! Two weeks ago in class we had discussed bits, bytes and the like and looked at current storage solutions, from the fading floppy to Zips and Jumps. I urged these 10 students to look at the options because it might be something they use over the next few years for holding their documents for classes.

During exercises, I spied on of the drives inserted in the front USB port of the Dells in the lab at IUSB we use. How cool is that??? When I started teaching L401 in 1997, everyone carried a floppy... now the students have access to 45MB on a network drive and a plethora of portable storage solutions.

The guys in NRDT have been using portable USB storage for over a year to move documents around our offices and to the training room or other librarians' computers. We ordered them for our department when we realized floppies were so 1990!

Tech is good!

Posted: Thu - February 5, 2004 at 08:31 AM