Teaching Digital Cameras to Library Patrons

Wednesday night I taught my favorite public technology class : Picturing the Digital Camera Revolution. It's a lecture based class originally conceived for my book back in 2000. I have updated it every season and it's always different. These days, I've added bits about Digital Video camcorders, picture frames that display digital images (some are wired!), and photo kiosks at retail establishments like Wal Mart and Target.

This class always fires me up, probably because the participants are there to learn. In discussing it with Michael Porter, he pointed out in an e-mail that he thinks:

"it's because everyone is motivated and really cares about learning it as they are invested fiscally in it. Plus it is a creative outlet for them. It's definitely a different audience response than you get in many software classes."

I agree... we had 28 people on a darn cold night (it was in the single digits!) and they were INTO IT! The questions were lively and thought-provoking as well.

For the class I bring my cameras, some sample pictures printed on my Epson 6400 and by Ofoto, samples of memory cards, blanks CDRs (5" and 3"), a blank DVD, and anything else that helps as a visual aid.

My laptop was showing a slideshow of favorite photos, while I also have many photos incorporated into the PPT as well.

Posted: Sun - February 1, 2004 at 09:22 AM