PLA Wrap Up

Pondering this afternoon back at my desk a week spent in the Pacific Northwest with Public Librarians from all over the country. These things I know:

* Public Librarians are a darn friendly group of folks, willing to talk shop anywhere, from the Market to the deck of a Ferry, as well as invite a colleague for breakfast!

* Buildings matter! Space! Design! We want to be the community living room..meeting place the new Seattle PL. And the Cerritos PL... a WOW library.

* Technology is a tool. Don’t get involved with techno lust – don’t just buy it then figure out what to do.

* RFID is BIG and will change the way we do business yet again... but is it really and truly ready for primetime? The debate continues... many good opinions were expressed in the Tech talks, etc. Librarians are the first to want to put tags on all sorts of crazy stuff: DVD, CD, etc..

* Tech types must have been laying low... where were all the laptops? the cell phone cameras? (except this one) I did see a lot of PDAs

* Four librarians gathered for a dinner will ultimately touch on "what's HOT" (blogs, RSS, RFID) and "what's NOT" (ugly shoes, dead wood staff, poor planning)

* People ordering at Starbucks speak a language all their own, that I tried my best to adopt

* Library staff that see employees getting away at being "Dead Wood" lose respect for administration

* "Internet Sign In.." is a nationwide mantra for PLS who haven't embraced PC management software

* Anna Quindlen likes us...she really likes us...

* We need WIFI at all library conferences....

* Library dignitaries are incredibly approachable and pretty darn cool

* The digital divide is very real and it's to easy to be irked about it instead of acting

Posted: Wed - March 3, 2004 at 01:59 PM