A Day of Travel

Yesterday was full and rich! I was up at 4am..at the airport in South Bend at 5:30am and on a plane to Seattle via Chicago by 6:30am!

Michael Porter collected me and we zipped to the International District for an asian meal. Ho Ho Seafood , an excellent choice, offered South Beach Friendly choices and excellent flavor. I must say falling in and chatting with the LibraryMan is like communing with a kindred spirit. I am amazed at his experience and passion for our dear old public libraries . Once again we touched on our future plans, his upcoming stint on the cruise ship, the IU SLIS school and much much more. We enjoyed Milk Tea and looked for Men's Pocky in the shops. MP...you rock!

I am now in residence at the Inn at the Market, exercising at the Seattle Athletic Club and hobnobing with librarians.

Posted: Tue - February 24, 2004 at 12:09 PM