Library Technology Consultants Speak!!!

Current Issues in Technology: Ask the Technology Consultants

Susan Epstein, Diane Mayo, Jim Barrentine -- Issues in library technologies. This session opened with each speaker detailing what is happening in the library technology field

Susan has been pondering this:

Technology is a tool.
Don’t get involved with techno lust – don’t just buy it then figure out what to do
Sustainability – how do we keep our tech going?
Read planning for results
Tool to make things better – but we must stop and look at the benefits it gives us
Remote users
Tech staffing – salaries, training, etc
Swamping – large database knocks out the small database when searching
XML is a Tower of Babel
Open Source – LINUX in the library

Jim has been pondering this:

PC reservations and print management systems
PC Management software
“Para-techies” – Phoenix PL Computer Service liaisons, line staff that are given training to assist in troubleshooting printer or PC problems or even tech training
Disaster recovery plans
Outsourcing computer services
RFID is brand new... they are still working out the kinks. Libraries are the first to mess with CDs, etc. Vendors are working on this to improve the situation

Diane has been pondering this: (what vendors are doing)

Former text DB systems are now GUI Web-based
Kiosks where community can interact with library from other places, Post Office, etc
Data-mining your statistics for managers and admin
E-commerce (just starting) – pay fines with credit cards (“Micro-payment business”)
Smart card interfaces – use smart card library cards to pay fines at self-check station
Full Unicode support for catalogs – how many languages is your catalog in???

Questions included a lengthy question & discussion about the problems with RFID and AV materials. Tagging CDs and DVDs with RFID. I think RFID is the hot-button issue for tech at this conference.

Posted: Fri - February 27, 2004 at 12:16 PM