RFID: Saviour or Threat?

I didn't realize how up in arms so many people were about RFID. There's a lot to sort out there... (librarian.net...thanks!)

But this morning, there's a great column in USAToday about RFID:


Kevin Maney writes: "....contrary to many press reports, RFID hasn't suffered setbacks from privacy concerns or anything else. Events of the past couple of weeks show that RFID is on course to become a profound part of everyday life, more common than socks, or even For Dummies books.

A RFID tag is a small strip of plastic containing a computer chip and a radio antenna. The chip can hold 96 characters of information that can identify whatever the tag is stuck to. The antenna can wirelessly send that information to a receiver, which then dumps it into computers for tracking and analysis.

The tags are, in essence, super-intelligent bar codes with tiny cell phones. ..."

Posted: Wed - October 1, 2003 at 07:27 PM