Wired Article: Blogs & Attribution or Mapping Blogs

Take a look at this via WIRED:


The article states that a lot of the big name bloggers are actually reading and borrowing from lesser-known blogs, without attribution. They in turn pick up on something hot or interesting and link to it...

""What we're finding is that the important people on the Web are not necessarily the people with the most explicit links (back to their sites), but the people who cause epidemics in blog networks," said researcher Eytan Adar.

These infectious people can be hard to find because they do not always receive attribution for being the first to point to an interesting idea or news item."


"Blogs are helping us get a better understanding of how things happen on the Internet," said Adar. "We're hopeful that in being able to do this research, we can apply the technology to other information, like e-mail, to improve productivity."

Interesting! Can you already feel the shift in the way we use communication tools online? has your use of e-mail changed? How about IMing? Text messaging?

Posted: Fri - March 5, 2004 at 08:38 AM