The Power of RSS and the Future *or* A Ferry called Kalakala

I took notice when Steven Cohen blogged about the Seattle PI offering RSS feeds an immediately subscribed in my version of NetNewsWire . Steven didn't even know I have a great love for all things Seattle and Northwest (PLA anyone? I'll be there....). When my Steve and I were out in Seattle in September of 2001 , I snapped a shot of the old art deco ferry Kalakala in its berth on Lake Washington. Always interested in historic preservation, Steve inquired about it then and the last time we were there. No one really had good info... and it had actually slipped my mind to do some searching....

Last night, this little article rolls into my aggregator:

WooHoo! This is the song Steven Cohen taught me: RSS is pretty darn cool and will make some serious changes in the way we get our news. I think SJCPL needs an RSS feed... Monday, I'll look into it.

Posted: Sat - December 6, 2003 at 09:18 AM