Amazon Search

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(Via Bibliofuture and LISNEWS)

"Search inside" could be the perfect solution to this common problem. Instead of staring at the bookshelves for an hour, pulling out volumes, and flipping randomly through the pages, you'd log onto Amazon and "search inside your library." Of course, you'd have to describe the contents of your library to Amazon, but unless your library is of Jeffersonian proportions, that's no more than an afternoon's work. (For some of us who buy almost exclusively from Amazon, you could get a jump-start by having Amazon automatically populate your "search inside" library with books you've already bought.) For the biblio-extroverts among us, Amazon could let you publish your library for the world to see, just as it allows users to create reading lists on various topics today.

Note: "your library" = your personal collection of books.... but what are the future implications for libraries?

Posted: Tue - October 28, 2003 at 06:23 PM