LITA Top Technology Trends for 2003

I'm preparing for my short talk at Internet Librarian , pondering the "morphing roles" of librarians. The 2003 LITA Top Technology Trends are a good starting point. All the news I get from LISNews and fellow bloggers like Steven and all the other library blogs I read are also a big help in keeping me in the know on what is happening with our profession.

From there, some random thoughts:

PDAs/small devices/laptops will change how we do "business" in the library. As I've written here, wireless and laptops/smaller devices will change how and when people look for information.

Blogging, another LITA trend, has already rocked my world this year. I was just interviewed by The Traverse City newspaper, the Record Eagle , interviewed me about my Up North Blog . It was fun to talk to the reporter about my writing and why in the world would I be posting at 6:34am!!

More to ponder...more to blog....

Posted: Sat - November 1, 2003 at 11:01 AM