E-Learning Session

E-Learning Session, Tuesday

Karen Wilber, TBLC

Successful endeavors...

E-Learning is a compliment to in person training, used as a follow-up to training.
Good for long distance students. Offered technology training via web interaction, such as a course on how to use Dreamweaver...

Gail Griffith, Carrol County Public Library, MD

Mission: “Leading the way in lifelong learning and enjoyment..”

The best way to start is to train management! They started with communication and management courses for supervisors and managers. They wanted to move away from paper-based processes and offer content on their Intranet. They chose Ninth House online management training to offer their administration and managers online coursework. Managers that excelled now debrief other groups.

Also: 2-minute customer service successes stories were made into videos. They put on the Intranet. After a year, the staff votes and the best one wins a $500 gift certificate.

Excellent Customer Service e-learning module for Maryland libraries will debut at PLA and then offered for sale to other libraries.

To do successful e-learning:

E-learning is a tool, not an end in itself. Content and purpose must be relevant and needed.

Create your content for the Web and make it visually interesting – but have good content first.

Determine what you’ll call “success”

You must have administrative and middle supervisory support for training (time, money, access) – provide a ROI! (middle managers are the key to success)

Allow work time for course completion

Access must be configured for consistent, optimal use.

You must market your program

The E in e-learning must stand for EXPERIENCE, not electronic. It’s not about the technology, it’s about the experience!

Posted: Thu - November 6, 2003 at 09:47 AM