Sun - February 22, 2004

Internet Librian 2002 Gallery

From Palm Springs, some of my favorite shots. It was a great conference but so strange to be in the desert in November... I'd never spent time there before... the days were warm, the nights rather frosty and the city was beautiful!

My dear friend Valerie, who is a Law Librarian in Chicago, and I posed by the pool after a day of meetings.

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Wed - January 21, 2004

George Plosker on IL 2003 (An Overview)

Nice article. Thanks George!!

I'm the "poor guy" who followed Barbara Quint... :-) Her words blew me away and really fired me up... I'm glad I was there!!

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Mon - December 1, 2003

Photo Gallery : Internet Librarian 2003

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Mon - November 24, 2003

Tuesday's Keynote! Top Tech Trends for Internet Librarians

This was definitely the "fire Mike up" moment of the conference!

Top Tech Trends for Internet Librarians

Elizabeth Lane Lawley , Rochester Institute of Technology;
Rich Wiggins , Michigan State University;
Stephen Abram , Micromedia ProQuest


Nothing is really new
XML is now commonplace - yet we still cannot tell when pages are updated
Wifi & RFID is HOT
Displays and broadband access will grow


Stephen Abram’s Top 5 Tech Trends
Workflow integration
Massive archives
Nomadic use and access
Learning on the run
Visual display (learning)

Lawley (who uses a MAC!!!!!)

How many of you have your laptops with you and are taking notes?

Microcontent aggregators will be big

Trendspotting PPT at

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Endnote Noted II


I'm sorry, Janis, I can't find your e-mail to ask if I quote you here!!! I like this because it captures Barbara Quint's talk very well!

"Notes from the Endnote speakers at the Internet Librarian 2003 conference
Speakers Cindy Hill, Michael Stephens, Barbara Quint

First speaker --Cindy Hill:
Manage your library like a business! Cindy is currently into strategic business management, digital publishing (create, write, archive, disseminate).

Michael Stephens:
Where are we going? Everywhere fast!
What are the future roles of the librarian?
--the planning librarian -- sees the big picture
--the informed librarian -- master searcher, RSS user, unfettered, relentless
--the virtual librarian --
--the digital librarian -- itunes,, libraries circulating MP3 players, digital content on demand.
--the building librarian -- Libraries as spaces and places, community living rooms, information commons, safe place to hang out for any teen.

Barbara Quint (from a speakerphone)
She cares about librarians.
The surviving roles will be:
--executive valets -- executives are overloaded with information. They'll hire an information professional of their own to feed them just the information they need.
--archivists-- need them even more
--content critics -- guardians, the last line of defense, evaluators, filters
--and a few positions will be left for the traditional librarian -- not growing.

Librarians have an image problem. They pay you for what they think you do, not for what you really do. We must separate ourselves and do what we know we can do.One thing that won't change: the service ethic that defines librarians. We serve the minds of the people.

What should libraries stop doing? Stop providing any service that somebody else is doing better."

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Sun - November 23, 2003

My Endnote PowerPoint Presentation (Updated)

Here's a link to the HUGE PPT file from my endnote talk at IL 2003.

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Fri - November 21, 2003

Endnote Noted


Life Expectancy of a Searcher [top]

(14 Nov) The closing session of the Internet Librarian conference dealt with the future of search as a profession. Cindy Hill, Manager, SunLibrary, Sun Microsystems, Michael Stephens, Head of Networked Resources Development & Training, St. Joseph County Public Library and Barbara Quint, Editor of Searcher expressed concerns and shared ideas about the future role of the librarian as searcher.

Each believe that the role of the librarian now, and in the immediate future, should be as teacher. "Knowledge workers want to be self-sufficient," explained Hill. We need to understand how people of all ages learn so that we can teach them how to conduct research efficiently and effectively. This means we have to "see the big picture," adds Stephens. We have to stay informed about new sources of information as well as new communication and information delivery tools and technologies.

The panel also agreed that traditional librarianship as a profession is not growing. We need to look within it to find the threat to its existence. BQ strongly urged the need to call ourselves something other than librarians. She admonished that the profession has not been in the forefront of new information technologies.

Stephens further emphasized that librarians have to learn to speak the language of youth. Aided by virtual reference, instant messaging and video chat, today's youth learns visually. Librarians should use these technologies to reach this generation, which means we can no longer think about our libraries as physical places.

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Cohen & Levine!

Check out these links for all the cool stuff Steven Cohen and Jenny Levine did at IL 2003!

It amazes me how far we've come in such a short time from the first Computers in Libraries I attended and presented at to now. So much coverage and info is flowing out of those 4 days in Monterey! From Congrunts to ppts and more!!!

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Tue - November 18, 2003

Stephen Abram Quotable Quote from Keynote

"Your catalog -- OPAC, website, intranet MUST be XML compatible in 18 months or you will be irrelevant to 90% of the devices searching."

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Mon - November 17, 2003

Barbara Quint on the Future of LIBRARIANS (A con-grunt)

(Note from MS: Barbara's talk over the speaker phone blew me out of the water.... I had to take a minute to breathe before I did my thing...Here's what I wrote down...)

What is our FUTURE?

Why didn't librarians invent GOOGLE? AMAZON? We have not done what we should have. We have to get in the game! But we should never lose our service ethic...that's what it is all about!

We must go up or we will go out.

A LIBRARIANS future role for survival:

"Executive Valet of the Mind"
Content critic and guardian
CIO - Chief Information Officer
Text miner

"If online is the answer, what is the question?"

What about traditional library services? It is not a growing profession. Horses will always need shoes BUT if someone else is doing a better job at something, let them do it so you can focus on more important things.

How do we stay ahead?

Look for the UNASKED QUESTIONS with a question patrol
Discuss these questions in your meetings
Look at the specifics but have a "World View" (ms: THE BIG PICTURE, kids)
Learn about new technologies
Look at WHO is asking the questions

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Chatting with Steven and Jenny at lunch during the conference, I realized we could be noting the proceedings the way some bloggers ref-grunt, thus, "congrunting was born..." And goodness -- Karen Schneider con-grunted! (Thanks Steven)

I just found this, where Jane notes that term was created at IL 2003! How cool....

I'll be shaping my con-grunts over the next few days... check back for more...

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Conference Buzz at Info Today!

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Thu - November 6, 2003

E-Learning Session

E-Learning Session, Tuesday

Karen Wilber, TBLC

Successful endeavors...

E-Learning is a compliment to in person training, used as a follow-up to training.
Good for long distance students. Offered technology training via web interaction, such as a course on how to use Dreamweaver...

Gail Griffith, Carrol County Public Library, MD

Mission: “Leading the way in lifelong learning and enjoyment..”

The best way to start is to train management! They started with communication and management courses for supervisors and managers. They wanted to move away from paper-based processes and offer content on their Intranet. They chose Ninth House online management training to offer their administration and managers online coursework. Managers that excelled now debrief other groups.

Also: 2-minute customer service successes stories were made into videos. They put on the Intranet. After a year, the staff votes and the best one wins a $500 gift certificate.

Excellent Customer Service e-learning module for Maryland libraries will debut at PLA and then offered for sale to other libraries.

To do successful e-learning:

E-learning is a tool, not an end in itself. Content and purpose must be relevant and needed.

Create your content for the Web and make it visually interesting – but have good content first.

Determine what you’ll call “success”

You must have administrative and middle supervisory support for training (time, money, access) – provide a ROI! (middle managers are the key to success)

Allow work time for course completion

Access must be configured for consistent, optimal use.

You must market your program

The E in e-learning must stand for EXPERIENCE, not electronic. It’s not about the technology, it’s about the experience!

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Wed - November 5, 2003

Aaron Photoblogged me

I'm honored to join such distinguished faces as little Mao on his blog!

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Endnote Address

What fun! Please -- if anyone was taking digital pictures of the Endnote session send me some!

mstephens7 (at)

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Steven Cohen & Michael Stephens @ Internet Librarian Keynote #2

(I looked stoned...)

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Tue - November 4, 2003

Notess' Notes on Blogs @ Internet Librarian 2003

Greg Notess ' final thoughts on blogging for Librarians:
• Be aware of blog movement
• Not always necessary
• More useful in some fields than others
• Blogs constantly changing
• One of the “hot” technologies

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RSS.... (An Internet Librarian Quotable Quote)

"The future of RSS is definitely customization..." Steven Cohen

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Even as I Blog.....

Jenny and Steven are doing their RSS presentation!

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Yark Yark Yark Yark

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Monday's Keynote

The keynote address, which opened the conference, was presented by Zarella Rendon, Managing Director of XML Factor. Her talk, "Net of the Future," focused on the idea of standards for the Web. Standards, such as XML,(which seperates content from format) will make the Web of the future more usable and information more findable and organized. Some points, I must confess, were lost on me. A slide of the many various names/forms of standards sent me reeling. One format RFD, however, will allow syndicated content of Web sites,

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Mon - November 3, 2003

Photoblogging IL

Take a look at Mr. Steven M. Cohen , caught between sessions:

Thanks Aaron !

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Coffee Break

A chance to get some caffeine...a quick check of e-mail...time to chat about the day's sessions.

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Exhibits Open @ 5pm

The doors are opened and eager librarians rush in to meet exhibitors and enjoy the buffets and open bar...

Innovative is here. As is Yahoo Search ...Gale. ..

Animated conversation is overheard (the origins of con-grunting):

"Blogs...blogs...and more blogs...."

"Support from library administration..."

"I enjoyed your session..."

"Who's your vendor?"

"Is this a hotspot?"

"How was your flight?"

This is a library schmooze-fest at its best.....the wine flows! I chat with a nice librarian who notices my laptop and is eager to buy a Macintosh .

Tonite I am off to dinner with my editor from Neal Schuman to get caught up and discuss what the future may hold.

More later!

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The Conference Begins!!

The first day of the conference ...always good to see everyone turning out with their proceedings, planners and pads to face a day of sessions and networking. I love the networking part of attending conferences. I spoke at length this morning before the keynote with a librarian from a California university. We swapped "database vendor" stories and both weighed in on the fact that book budgets are dropping while electronic resource budgets are steadily growing. I believe it's happening in the public library; she let me know that it's definitely happening in academic libraries.

Coffee & Danish (a library conference tradition!) before the keynote.

Tom Hogan and Jane Dysart welcome the crowd of 800+ attendees:

More to follow....

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Barking of the Lions

Ensconced in my room at the Doubletree Monterey , these fellows have filled my nights with their unique bark....

Sea Lions! Otters! Dogs on kayaks! Monterey is pretty cool....

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Dinner with Steven

This rocks! I fell in to the evening reception for pre-conferences (after a vigorous walk to the Monterey Aquarium and back) and ran into Steven Cohen, who was finishing his afternoon session on blogging.

We chatted a bit... and I "meeted and greeted" with Jenny Levine (I tried not to gush), Greg Notess , Karen Schneider and some neat librarians from Seattle.

Steven and I decided to head out to dinner at Cafe Fina on Fisherman's Wharf. We spent two hours talking libraries, blogs, writing, publishing, refgrunting, library associations, and some "scary" stories of presentations we've done...

Last night, he blogged ... finally, today, between sessions, so am I.

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Make Learning Stick : Pre-Conference Workshop

What a great session. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Scott Brandt (this picture of him is too cool) on our collaborative session "Make Learning Stick." We had 17 attendees who were inspiring, thoughtful, ready to contribute and fired up.

Academic, Public and Special librarians came together to discuss teaching technology: staff, library users, and all of our various clientele. We discussed how to help our classes learn -- and take their skills back to their desks or reference points. We are already scheduled to present this workshop -- billed as "not for the faint of heart" -- at Computers in Libraries 2004.

Here are some pics:

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Sun - November 2, 2003


What a great day! Thanks Scott ! Thanks workshop attendees! Thanks Steven!

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Sat - November 1, 2003

Internet Librarian - Here I Come!

From September:

I grabbed a tea and a booth at Panera Bread this am and did all my travel arrangements for Internet Librarian on my PowerBook . I'm flying United from SBN to MRY (airport codes get me going in the morning...) and then after the conference I'll be joining Steve and Adam in Seattle for some much-needed Northwest time...

I found a flight that gets me there by early afternoon so Scott Brandt and I can meet if we need to about our pre-conference workshop.Hope to see you at IL!

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Internet Librarian Fast Approaching

From October:Scott Brandt came up to Mishawaka last weekend and we worked out details for our workshop for Internet Librarian 2003 . We met at the Mobile Office and spent the morning fine tuning and chatting. I'm really looking forward to this conference.

Our workshop is on user-centered training. It should be good fun...

My endnote talk is on "Our Evolving Roles" and I have so much swirling around in my head and here about how public librarianship has changed with technology... I gotta get a grip!

I'm very much looking forward to rubbing some elbows with fellow library-types and bloggers.... :-)

Hope to see you in Monterey!

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Hey Steven... I'll be there!

From August:

Steven over at LibraryStuff called for a count
of who will be at Internet Librarian.... Look for his pre-conference and conference session in the schedule. I saw him speak at CIL 2003 and it was inspiring.

I will be there as well and I'm looking forward to getting together with the bloggers.

I will be doing a half-day training pre-conference session with Scott Brandt on Sunday:

Make Learning Stick: Creating 5-Star User Centered Training & Instruction

On Wednesday, I'll be speaking as part of a panel at the conference-wide Endnote session:

Life Expectancy of a Searcher: Morphing into New Roles

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LITA Top Technology Trends for 2003

I'm preparing for my short talk at Internet Librarian , pondering the "morphing roles" of librarians. The 2003 LITA Top Technology Trends are a good starting point. All the news I get from LISNews and fellow bloggers like Steven and all the other library blogs I read are also a big help in keeping me in the know on what is happening with our profession.

From there, some random thoughts:

PDAs/small devices/laptops will change how we do "business" in the library. As I've written here, wireless and laptops/smaller devices will change how and when people look for information.

Blogging, another LITA trend, has already rocked my world this year. I was just interviewed by The Traverse City newspaper, the Record Eagle , interviewed me about my Up North Blog . It was fun to talk to the reporter about my writing and why in the world would I be posting at 6:34am!!

More to ponder...more to blog....

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Blogging Internet Librarian 2003

I created a new category and will be blogging my conference experiences here. I leave for Monterey Saturday at 6:35am.... :-) See you there!

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Make Learning Stick

Scott Brandt and I have been preparing for our pre-conference workshop. I can't believe it's SUNDAY! Here's a taste of the media component we worked on:

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Mon - September 1, 2003

Internet Librarian

Steven's post alerted me to the fact that the program for IL 2003 is up on the InfoToday site.

Steven writes:"Lots and lots of librarians/speakers/colleagues are going to be there...and so should you."

Look for his pre-conference and conference session in the schedule. I saw him speak at CIL 2003 and it was inspiring.

The list of programs and tracks looks great...

I will be doing a half-day training pre-conference session with Scott Brandt on Sunday:

Make Learning Stick: Creating 5-Star User Centered Training & Instruction

On Wednesday, I'll be speaking as part of a panel at the conference-wide Endnote session:

Life Expectancy of a Searcher: Morphing into New Roles

Hope to see you there!!!

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