Customer Service Notes, What Libraries can learn from Retail Examples

Yes, I'm still pondering the Apple Store in Chicago Grand Opening.

They have an excellent customer service philosophy that is just one of the ways Apple sets itself above the rest! Steven, who sold me my 17" PowerBook back in April has moved downtown and he was on hand to help us with our purchases. I was introduced to Colin who was going to do the install of the Airport Card etc for the 12" PB that I helped my friend Steve buy. How cool is that?

Steve, Cool Apple Guy and Me... 6/27/03

Lessons Other Businesses and Libraries might learn:

Fire up your employees. (The Fish example applies here) The Apple employees actually applauded when we, the customers, entered the store. I was welcomed and thanked for coming with handshakes and high fives...Are you about to open a new library branch? Do the same!

Use your name. I knew that steve was going to handle my purchases and Colin was doing the install. Does gateway do that? Does Best Buy when someone buys a PC there? Library application: Adam, a circ employee takes new patron Smith to the Reference desk. Adam: "Michael, this is Mr./Ms. Smith and we just started the paperwork for a new library card. He/she is looking for a book or two about Labrador Retrievers. This is Michael, one of the Reference Librarians, he'll help you..."

Be Aware. Steve was very aware that the line we were in was moving SLOW because of the PB purchase. He actually came out and chatted with the fellow behind me to apologize for how long it was taking to check people out. A new POS system was in place and the Apple employees were still understanding the fine-tuning. How many times have you been irked because you feel invisible in line or wherever...

Make an impression. I will go back to North Michigan Avenue for all of my Apple purchases... including hopefully a G5 someday soon...!!!!

Posted: Sun - June 29, 2003 at 10:14 AM