Wireless in Traverse City II (this Community is on the Wireless ball)

Italianate Asylum and Wireless Mac 6/21/03

Just spent 48 wonderful hours on retreat with my dog, a stack of good books and CDs and my Powerbook. I spent Saturday reading, relaxing and running some fun errands in Traverse City, winding up at Building 50 to check e-mail and make a quick post to Dreaming On. The Community WiFi Initiative is great!

Other news of note:

An unnamed source did report that the Traverse District Library has wireless access in the works...maybe soon.

Steven at LibraryStuff points to this Wireless Library news about Maine. "Are you wireless yet?" he asks (as I have too...) "C'mon and join the party!!"

Looks like reports from ALA are very positive... I wish I could have met up with that group of library bloggers....


Posted: Sat - June 21, 2003 at 10:13 AM