Wireless Culture VIA CNN: The rise of wireless travel tech

Nice article at CNN about wireless and how travelers are staying connected with work and homelife. Also, the trend will be for WiFi to be everywhere! Amen to that!


Here's a clip:

And as the boundaries begin to blur between the different technology kits -- PC, mobile, laptop, PDA --- so does the distinction between work and personal time.

"My home and office life are mixed together, I e-mail my kids about schoolwork when I am away on a business," Andrew Herbert of Microsoft research laboratories told CNN.

"The boundaries between the computer and e-mail, the mobile phone, texting and the smart personal objects are going, they are all becoming part of a personal computing ecosystem."

Another problem with "road tech," as it becomes smaller and more powerful, is that not all pieces of kit can easily talk to each other.

"The bane of your life is that you have the two devices versus one device debate," says Alastair Macleod of smartphone producer Handspring.

That is the story of my life!! I am working on stuff everywhere I go: my office, Panera Bread , airports , home, in the car driving up to Spider Lake . Am I too connected? Maybe. Do I like it yes? Will there be times when I'm not... oh yes! I Promise.

Posted: Thu - January 15, 2004 at 02:46 PM