Thu - January 15, 2004

Wireless Culture VIA CNN: The rise of wireless travel tech

Nice article at CNN about wireless and how travelers are staying connected with work and homelife. Also, the trend will be for WiFi to be everywhere! Amen to that!

Here's a clip:

And as the boundaries begin to blur between the different technology kits -- PC, mobile, laptop, PDA --- so does the distinction between work and personal time.

"My home and office life are mixed together, I e-mail my kids about schoolwork when I am away on a business," Andrew Herbert of Microsoft research laboratories told CNN.

"The boundaries between the computer and e-mail, the mobile phone, texting and the smart personal objects are going, they are all becoming part of a personal computing ecosystem."

Another problem with "road tech," as it becomes smaller and more powerful, is that not all pieces of kit can easily talk to each other.

"The bane of your life is that you have the two devices versus one device debate," says Alastair Macleod of smartphone producer Handspring.

That is the story of my life!! I am working on stuff everywhere I go: my office, Panera Bread , airports , home, in the car driving up to Spider Lake . Am I too connected? Maybe. Do I like it yes? Will there be times when I'm not... oh yes! I Promise.

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Wed - December 17, 2003

I moblogged my weekend shopping excursion

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Thu - December 4, 2003

Boston PL Throws Open the WiFi Doors and Offers Outside Access

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Thu - October 23, 2003

Panera Bread Corporate

Yesterday, some fellows from Panera Bread corporate paid a visit to the Mishawaka store. I took it as an opportunity to praise the place and their free wireless business model that enables me to blog here many mornings... The gentleman asked me: "Would you be here if we didn't have access?" I stumbled for a second... wow, maybe I wouldn't... I said... "Not as often..."

Panera's plan throws the $10 a day or $30 a month T-Mobile thing out the wireless window.

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Mon - October 20, 2003

HotSpot Stats

WiFiNetwork news reports:

October 20, 2003

45,000 Hot Spots Worldwide by Year's End

Pyramid Research estimates 45,000 hot spots will be deployed worldwide by the end of 2003 : They also say there were only 20,000 at the end of 2002, and predict over 100,000 by early 2005. This year's number is certainly not a prediction, but rather a count of what's out there with some trending figured in. Of course, the U.S. isn't at the top of the heap.

Press Release:

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Tue - September 30, 2003

WiFi Access in South Bend/Mishawaka Indiana Directory

A gentleman named Gordon found this blog by "googling " South Bend wifi -- he emailed and asked if I knew of other hot spots in the area because he had just moved here.

Inspiration followed so here is a brief page at tametheweb that lists all I know of so far:

I need to add my library's other two wifi branches.... but as far as I can tell the South Bend area has few Hot Spots.

Here's a global directory and here's another....

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Mon - September 15, 2003

"WiFi Should be Free....."

Through an RSS feed from LibraryPlanet comes this Wired article: should be free. Look at Panera's business model. Look at successful libraries that offer WiFi .

(Pulling the soapbox out, stepping up)

If public libraries want to be vital, used, welcoming spaces that develop "customer loyalty" one thing they can do is offer wifi and promote it! (and maybe sell some coffee and tea too!)

(Stepping down now...)

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Mon - September 1, 2003

WiFi Macs in TC

I was off for a glorious week over Labor Day in Traverse City , where Steve and I met a fellow Mac enthusiast at a wifi spot up there -- Horizon Books -- and we opted for a photo!

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802.11g Approved

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Thu - August 14, 2003

Under the Tuscan WiFi....

Looks like the Italian government is putting in place some laws to encourage public wifi. I like this part:

Take a look at this via :

Looks like the Italian government is putting in place some laws to encourage public wifi. I like this part:

The strong technological potential that Wireless Lan brings provide a further opportunity for businesses in the sector and especially an advantage for Italians in general who will benefit from the new way to access internet on the broad band". Furthermore, Gaspari hopes that "this technological option will contribute to the reduction of the digital divide, the technological discrimination between areas that are technologically more or less advanced in the country".

What isn't spelled out is cost.... They could take a lesson from some of the community intiatives and try to offer FREE access like libraries, etc...

Just food for though for the big picture...



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Mon - August 11, 2003

Ballpark says NO to WiFi

Via WiFi Network News, a ballpark in Portland objects to a community initiative to provide a free cloud of wireless connectivity. Read the article here.

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Mon - July 21, 2003

Wireless Stats & Article...

Via WiFi Net News .... this article from states:

There will be 9.3 million visitors to hot spots in 2003, up from 2.5 million in 2002, Gartner said. North America, with 4.7 million users, will top both Europe and Asia-Pacific this year. The report projects 2.7 million users in Asia-Pacific and 1.7 million in Europe this year.

It goes on to outline what will work for wifi providers...and may not.

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Thu - July 17, 2003

"Out on the road today, I saw a DEADHEAD sticker on a Cadillac"

A little voice Inside my head said, "Don't look back. You can never look back." Don Henley, Boys of Summer

Out on the road today, I saw a lady in a snazzy snazzy car -- Audi, I think, whip into the Panera Bread parking lot, stop, pull out a laptop and do something (e-mail, surf?) and then pull out and drive away...

ahhh, wireless...

You can never look back....

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Mon - July 14, 2003

The Island of WiFi

Wired posts this story about an island in the Pacific that has given all residents free WiFi...

"Even though the number of places where people can get Wi-Fi Internet access has exploded -- 20,000 Wi-Fi "hot spots" exist worldwide today and that number is expected to skyrocket to 190,000 in 2007, according to market research firm IDC -- there is little evidence that people are paying to use the service.....Plenty of anecdotal evidence indicates that groups are putting up free hot spots, while the for-pay ones are suffering. At Starbucks, for example, only "tens of thousands" of customers are paying to use the company's much-publicized Wi-Fi network, out of 22 million who file through the company's stores every week, a company representative said. The network has been up and running since August in 2,100 -- or 60 percent -- of Starbucks coffee shops in North America. "

Oh yeah. Once I found Panera in Mishawaka and the Traverse City hotspots for free...never in a million years would I pay for access...if I'm travelling, as I soon will be to LITA and Internet Librarian 2003 , I'll find some kind of connection!

I think Starbucks should re-examine their T-Mobile deal (I have a T-Mobile phone I love, don't get me wrong) and look at offering FREE FREE FREE access. Or make it so cheap it's obscene: a Chai, a scone and access for an hour for $5! :-)

The Wired article does go on to say ISPs etc will need to look at their business models.

Libraries are doing it well...establishing the idea of a commons where people can meet and greet and get access.... Starbucks...Borders... take note!

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Wed - June 25, 2003

World's Geekiest Wireless Image

If anyone has similar geeky images, e-mail them to me! I'll post em!

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Sat - June 21, 2003

I Agree with The Shifted Librarian!! WiFi @ Conferences

Although I'm not attending ALA, I agree with Jenny the Shifted Librarian about WiFi at conferences! Yes, that was me prowling the DC Hilton in Dupont Circle at CIL 2003 looking for a hotspot with my Powerbook. (Heavens -- was I "war driving?" ) There really were none to be found but two passworded networks and the T-Mobile Hotspot at Starbucks. As I've written before, I'm a huge proponent for free WiFi through community initiatives, altruism or good ole library access. I guess we'd put the ISPs out of business if cities and towns were blanketed by huge free wireless clouds of access....

Look for me at IL 2003 with my Powerbook...seeking a hot spot around the conference zone!


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Wireless in Traverse City II (this Community is on the Wireless ball)

Italianate Asylum and Wireless Mac 6/21/03

Just spent 48 wonderful hours on retreat with my dog, a stack of good books and CDs and my Powerbook. I spent Saturday reading, relaxing and running some fun errands in Traverse City, winding up at Building 50 to check e-mail and make a quick post to Dreaming On. The Community WiFi Initiative is great!

Other news of note:

An unnamed source did report that the Traverse District Library has wireless access in the works...maybe soon.

Steven at LibraryStuff points to this Wireless Library news about Maine. "Are you wireless yet?" he asks (as I have too...) "C'mon and join the party!!"

Looks like reports from ALA are very positive... I wish I could have met up with that group of library bloggers....


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Sun - June 1, 2003

Would you like Fries with that WiFi access?

WiFi Net News reports that two McDonald's locations in Chicago are offering free wifi access! The Chicago Sun Times ran the article.

Phil Douglas wired his McDonald's store near 95th and the Dan Ryan for patrons' use, and he recently opened a computer center, complete with computer stations, high-speed wireless Internet access and a conference table. (Article Here)

This strikes me as another example of business offering services that libraries also make available: meeting rooms, public computers, wifi....

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Panera Bread in Mishawaka leads the Way

Via WiFi Network News :

"With the rollout off free Wi-Fi access, we are distancing ourselves from the revenue-based model others in the industry are embracing," said Ronald Shaich, chairman and chief executive, in a statement. "By offering this extra amenity, we hope to more fully meet the needs of our sophisticated and diverse consumer base."

Random observations:

1) I'm at Panera Mishawaka right now....

2) Free access rocks.... there's a Borders across the street with T-Mobile, but here it's free...

3) This publicity will increase visibility of WiFi in communities wherever an unwired Panera is located...

4) When they slice the onions every morning, the smell wafts over my booth and I shed a little tear... maybe of happiness for how liberatying this WiFi thing is and what an excellent business model this may turn out to be....

5) Am I a diverse consumer?

6) Nancy K at SJCPL rocks for sending me a mention of this news as well....

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Come On Indiana! Get on the WiFi bandwagon...

There has to be more wireless access points than this . Our library for sure has 3 now. Panera bread in Mishawaka too.

How about a state-wide initiative to put wifi networks in all Indiana public libraries? That would be the coolest....

E-mail me if you have a wireless access point in our state...I'll post em!

Gotta get to work...


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Fri - May 16, 2003

Sandwiches, Libraries & WiFi

Thanks to the Shifted Librarian who posted a story from WiFi Net News about Schlotzsky's in Texas helping Public Libraries with wireless .

"This fits the library's mission of providing equal access to information," says APL marketing manager Patricia Fraga, "and broadens our customers' access." The library, of course, already provides free public Internet access at all of its 22 locations, one of the most popular services APL offers. Plans are for all APL locations -- and perhaps parts of their surrounding neighborhoods -- to go "hot" this fall.

Neighborhoods! That would be a great service! TC is doing it too .

Look at this for what's happening with community networks.

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Sun - May 11, 2003

Wireless Policies for Librares

King County out in Washington State has this on their site concerning wireless access. Including this statement:

King County out in Washington State has this on their site concerning wireless access . Including this statement:

Will I need any special settings or passwords to connect?

No, the library's network is open to all visitors.

No special encryption settings, user names, nor passwords are required.

They must have some good security protocols to open it up...

I like this idea of free access. The state of Maine does too!

The University of Colorado at Boulder has this policy and they check out laptops as well. Their coverage maps are interesting.

Cornell has RedRover , a unique name and rather catchy. (Also the name of a new song by Fleetwood Mac! )

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Panera Puts Up WiFi Page

Take a look at this page:

Mishawka, IN isn't included but it's at the top of my list for hot spots!!!

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Thu - April 24, 2003

Wireless in Traverse City

The folks up in good ole TC know how to spread the word and the "cloud of access..."

Rock On: Just found this with Google: TC WIFI!!! I have a cottage up there and have been hoping I'd have a few choices for access -- free access, hopefully -- while enjoying some of the summer in Michigan's beautiful North.

The public Library up there is not listed. Maybe soon they will offer access, like all of these libraries .

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Wed - April 9, 2003

Wireless Culture

a bit of musing on Wireless Culture

Yes, I'm back at my favorite "Hot Spot," other than my house, for wireless access, tea, the Sunday South Bend Tribune and a bit of musing on Wireless Culture (my caps). There is another fellow here with a laptop. Get this: he brought his own lock and cable to secure his technology. I carry the G4 Powerbook with me when I have to "straighten my tie..." A second fellow just appeared with his laptop and I took the opportunity to tell him about the network. What will the bread place be like by fall? Filled with ND students and others doing their work with full access to the web?


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